Best FaceTime alternatives for Android

If you have been using an iPhone and decided to switch to Android, or if some of the people close to you using an iPhone, or any other iOS device (which is almost certainly the case), then you know what is FaceTime. In case you are not familiar with it, let’s explain what it is first – Facetime is a video chat application launched by Apple couple of years ago that allow users to connect and communicate with ease.

It is an amazing, widely used app, but it works only on iOS devices, so if you are looking for FaceTime for Android, you won’t be able to get the same app. If you are using one of the IOS devices, and your friend is using Android, it means you won’t be able to use FaceTime to communicate with each other. However, there are so many great alternatives that you can download and use on your Android device. The choice is huge, and here, we are going to share some of the best FaceTime alternatives that can be used on every platform, so you can download one of the video chat applications listed below and make free video calls. One more very important thing – no matter which app you will decide to download, you can count on high-quality voice and video calls.

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Best FaceTime alternatives

Let’s see some of the best video chat applications.

Google Hangouts

Best FaceTime alternatives for Android

One of the best Facetime app alternatives is Google Hangouts that you probably already have on your Android device because it is usually one of the pre-installed applications. It is available for iOS users as well. Let’s see what Hangouts can be used for: you can use it for SMS and MMS, but you can also make audio and video calls. When it comes to video calls, there is an amazing feature: you can have a video call one to one, but you can also communicate with the group. Pretty cool, isn’t it? What do you need in order to use this FaceTime alternative? Of course, you need an app, and you and the person you want to talk to, need a Google account, and that’s pretty much it. In case you don’t have Hangouts installed on your device, go to the Play Store, download it, and enjoy video chatting.

Download Google Hangouts

Facebook Messenger

Best FaceTime alternatives for Android

It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t have a Facebook profile. Facebook app and Facebook Messenger app are both widely used. If you have been looking for FaceTime alternative, if you have Facebook Messenger installed, you can use it to make video calls with ease. Facebook launched free video calling a few months ago, so if you want to chat with your friends or family and have a face to face conversation, install this application. It is available for Android, and for iOS as well. This is an excellent option for everyone who want to have a substitute for FaceTime app.

 Download Facebook Messenger


Best FaceTime alternatives for Android

Another super popular app used for video calling is Skype, and it is also a great Facetime alternative. At first, Skype was available for desktop-only, and it is a program that many of us use for more than a decade. But, when the smartphone revolution started the app was created as well, and it is available for the platforms including Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. You can exchange messages with your friends, but you can also make audio and video calls. Just to mention, group video calls are one of the features. In case you didn’t use Skype before, and do not have an account, you can create one in minutes. Skype offers the same that FaceTime does, so you won’t regret installing this application.

Download Skype


Best FaceTime alternatives for Android

Another great app that will save the minutes included in the carrier’s voice plan is Tango, and it is very similar to FaceTime which is why we decided to mention it here. You can make free audio and video calls, and chat with your friends and family whenever you want. You can also send text messages, and share photos and videos with your loved ones. Moreover, Tango allows the users to personalize their messages because they can add emoji and stickers. That’s not all. If you want to meet new friends, you can discover many new faces by swiping through the profile cards. In case you see that you and the other person you found have something in common, you can start the conversation with ease. Amazing! Also, you can play games with your friends. With all that said, we guess you are not surprised why we think Tango is a really good app, as good as the FaceTime.

Download Tango


Best FaceTime alternatives for Android

As we mentioned, there is no FaceTime for Android, but there are so many other options, and ooVoo is one of them. This is another free app you can download in the Play Store. It comes with a wide range of features that will allow you to make top quality audio and video calls, and of course, for free because it works on a data plan, but it also works on the Wi-Fi networks. You can send text messages to your friends and family, share a video, and communicate through voice or video calls, and group chats and group calls are also an option. The audio quality during calls is exceptional. This great app is available on more than 300 Android devices, phones, and tablets. Yes, we know, ooVoo is not the FaceTime app, but we can assure you it is pretty amazing. Go to the Google Play Store, download and install this app, and you will see how great it actually is. We are pretty sure you will really like this one!

Download ooVoo


We have shared some of the best FaceTime alternatives with you. You can download and try all of them if you want, and choose the one you like the most, just go to the Play Store. They are simple and easy to use, and design of each app is pretty awesome too. Most importantly, no matter which app you choose, you will get exactly the same options FaceTime offering to its users.

At this moment, FaceTime for Android isn’t available, but the apps such as Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Tango and ooVoo are among the best apps used for voice and video calling, with many additional features. They all have one thing in common – these applications are as good as FaceTime, if not better. Fun and satisfaction are guaranteed!

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