Looking for the best chess app? Check these out (Android & iOS)

Chess is one of the oldest games but still is one of the favorites for so many people around the globe. While playing chess in an old-fashion way is super cool, playing it on the go has its perks. Smartphones and tablets allow us to do just that. We can play our favorite games whenever we want, wherever we are. If you are looking for the best chess app, see the ones we have listed below. The apps are available for both platforms, Android and iOS.

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Best chess apps for Android and iOS

Chess – Play and Learn

It is one of the best chess apps you can find, and it is available for Android and iOS devices. It has all the things you may need and want from a chess app. It has a nice and sleek design. The app has many things you are going to love. You can, of course, play your favorite game, but you can also watch chess lessons, read articles on chess, and more. It is not surprising to see the app’s ratings in Play Store (4.6) and the App Store (4.8).

Download Chess – Play and Learn for Android

Download Chess – Play and Learn for iOS

Chess for Kids – Play and Learn

If you are a chess beginner and want to learn the basics or look for an app for your children, this is the app to go. The app is user-friendly. It has a safe multiplayer and a bot mode. There are many videos and lessons available. Try it out!

Download Chess for Kids – Play and Learn for Android

Download Chess for Kids – Play and Learn for iOS 

Chess King

Here is another fantastic chess app with impressive ratings in App Store (4.7) and Play Store (4.6). The app is excellent for those who want to learn to play chess as it has various chess education courses. If you make a mistake when playing, you’ll get a hint. The app serves as a coach, and it comes with many exciting and useful features.

Download Chess King for Android

Download Chess King for iOS

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