How to download Nintendo Switch games to your console

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If you want to play certain Nintendo games but don’t have the game cards, you can find it online. Also, you can download it and play any time you want. The games can be found in the Nintendo Switch eShop and to download it, you need to have a Nintendo account.

Are you wondering how to download Nintendo Switch games to your console? Well, in the following we are going to explain the procedure, so stay tuned.

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What do you need to download the games?

To download Nintendo Switch games, you should have a Nintendo account, so that you can access to the eShop. You also need to have your console connected to the internet, and there has to be enough free space at the MicroSD card or console internal memory. Once you download the game, you can play it on the console and not on the other devices.

As the games are quite large, it could take some time to download to be finished. The games you download will be stored on the internal memory of the console, and you can move it to the external hard drive or MicroSD card as well.

How fast you can download the game, depends on your internet speed. The procedure is quite easy, so in the following, we are going to explain which steps you should follow to have the Nintendo Switch games downloaded to your console.

Download from the Nintendo eShop

At the home screen, look for the eShop. The icon looks like shopping bags in orange color. Click on it, and then type in your password, if it is required. When you get in the eShop, you can find the game you want or see the suggested ones. eShop provides the section called Great Deals, where you can find games currently on sale. There are some other sections with the games with the best rates, or the ones that are mostly downloaded lately. You can also search for the game by typing its name in the search box.

If you have chosen the game you want, tap on it pressing the A command. Head now to the Proceed to Purchase heading and press A command again to confirm it. If your game is free, the button will say Free Download.

The next step is to pay the game. Choose the way how to pay for the game, and confirm it. there are several ways you can use to pay for the game, and some of those are by PayPal or using your debit card. After you set the payment, wait for a couple of moments, so your payment can be processed.

The game will start downloading, and it takes a while since games are quite large.

Download game using code

When you buy a game code from the other sources but Nintendo eShop, you will be able to download the game to your console with no need for making any other payments. So, if you have purchased a digital code for the game, here is what you need to do.

Go to the Nintendo eShop, that you can find on the Switch home screen. Open the menu placed on the left side of your screen and find the Enter Code option. Then, squeeze A command so the line for entering the code and bringing up the keyboard can open. Now, you should type in the code and confirm it by hitting the OK button you will notice on your screen.

If you have typed in a valid code, you should have a game shown up on your screen. The code is specified for a specific game. After you have done that, the download will start.

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