Apple Watch Shipments Will Be 45.2 Million In 2019, IDC prediction

IDC as the world’s leading technology media, released forecast for worldwide shipments of wearable devices from 2015 to 2019. The wearable device shipments will reach 111 million units in 2017, 44.4% more than the previous year, and in 2019, the total shipments will be 214.6. IDC is also interested in smartwatch, as it is part of the wearable device.

“One of the most popular types of wearables will be smartwatches, reaching a total of 34.3 million units shipped in 2017, up from the 21.3 million units expected to ship in 2015. By 2019, the final year of the forecast, total shipments will reach 88.3 million units, resulting in a five-year CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 42.8%.”

In the smartwatch world, Apple Watch holds 51.1% of market share, which will get 45.2 million unit shipments in 2019 with 36.5% of CAGR. This CAGR number is still low if it’s compared to Android wear that will reach 80.5%. However, Apple Watch is still the biggest market share holder, beats Android wear with 38.8% of market share.

According to predictions, platform which won’t have the market share more than 3%, including Tizen OS that is developed by Samsung through Samsung Gear S2. Moreover, it is estimated Pebble will ship twice as many units than in 2015, but their market share will decrease.

Here are the top smartwatch operating systems with shipments, market share, and 5-year CAGR growth (units in millions).

Apple Watch Shipments Will Be 45.2 Million In 2019, IDC prediction


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