Apple Releases 2023 Environmental Progress Report Ahead Of Earth Day

By Elizabeth Kartini
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On the occasion of Earth Day, tech giant Apple has released its 2023 Environmental Progress Report, detailing its progress toward achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. The report is also available on the company's homepage, showcasing the taglines “Behind every product is a plan for the environment” and “Innovation at every step.”

The report outlines Apple's progress in reducing its carbon footprint and promoting sustainability. According to the report, in 2022, the company directed over 40,000 metric tons of electronic scrap toward recycling, and 20% of all materials shipped in products came from recycled sources. Additionally, over 250 suppliers, representing more than 85% of the company's direct manufacturing spend, have committed to using 100% renewable electricity for Apple production.

The report also states that Apple has made progress in reducing shipping emissions, with an 80% reduction in shipping emissions of HomePod (2nd generation) through a new transportation plan. Furthermore, there has been a 70% reduction in average product energy use since 2008.

Apple's vice president of environment, policy, and social initiatives, Lisa Jackson, emphasized the company's commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2030, stating that the choice between a thriving business and a thriving planet is a false one. She added that since 2015, Apple has reduced its emissions by over 45%.

The 2023 Environmental Progress Report is available on Apple's environment page and contains more detailed information about the company's efforts toward environmental sustainability.

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