Apple users all over the world were facing major issues with the App Store and Apple Music. Though these issues persisted only for a few hours, they caused a lot of inconvenience to the users. On Tuesday, officially declared that it has managed to fix the bugs and the services were functioning normally, just like before.

As a company, Apple is known to keep track of all the services and platforms operating under its name. As soon as it detects some issues, it immediately starts working towards resolving them. Many a time, these issues are brought to its notice by its users through social media and other platforms. By fixing the aforementioned bugs with the App Store and Apple Music, it has yet again demonstrated that it takes its commitment to serve its users well very seriously.

Downdetector, a prominent website outage tracking service is responsible for reporting these issues and making Apple realize that its users, all throughout the world, were affected by them. Most iPad users were affected by the App Store outage. Because of these bugs, users were facing difficulties in playing music, viewing lyrics, having access to their profiles and several other kinds of issues.

Addressing the concerns of the users, Apple Support had posted a tweet that read, “Thanks for the awareness! The App Store is currently experiencing an outage. We’re working hard on this so that you can access the App Store again”.

For a couple of hours, the users of both Apple Music and the App Store faced these intermittent issues. Many Reddit users pointed out that lyrics information was missing from Apple Music. They also pointed out that some songs were not available in the lossless audio format. On many App Store listings, Apple’s Privacy Labels were nowhere to be found.

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Elizabeth Kartini

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