Apple Developing AI-Powered Health Coaching Service, According To Bloomberg Report

By Elizabeth Kartini
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Apple is reportedly developing an AI-powered health coaching service, according to a Bloomberg report. Codenamed Quartz, the service will use data from the Apple Watch to create customized coaching programs that provide suggestions regarding exercise, sleep, and eating habits.

Users will have to pay a monthly fee for the service, which will be available on its own app. The report did not disclose a launch date, but it is expected to be next year. Apple is also set to launch health-related services in the short term, including an iPad version of the iPhone health app that will allow users to view their health data on a larger screen.

The app is expected to be packaged in with iPadOS 17. Apple’s health app will also reportedly get new tools for tracking moods and vision conditions. An initial version of the mood tracker will allow users to log their moods and emotions, answer questions about their day, and compare their results over time. The new tools are expected to be unveiled in June at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference.

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