Android L “Lollipop” – Will Your Phone Get The Update

Your smartphone is the only most used thing in the world. And you do love it, which is completely okay. You definitely want to keep using it for as long as you can, and you don’t want to change things and hop on to every new shiny thing that you see because you love your smartphone.

And the more you hear about the Android L update coming sooner than later, the more you want it. The more you read about the latest new features of Android L and how things look cooler on it than the Android KitKat, the more it makes you want it. And it is definitely not something that you need, but you definitely want it. And this means that some of us might just go ahead and purchase a new phone for it, while others will simply be the first ones to start using it.

But most of us, will definitely have to wait. So lets talk a little more about the Android L and estimates of when will we have those releases.

Google Devices

<strong>Install Android L</strong>

All Google devices, or the Google Play edition devices are expected to be the first ones to get the Android L update. They will not have to wait for the manufacturers to customize the OS according to their taste and then releasing. And while we all know pretty much everything about the Google devices, it is not that hard to guess which ones will get the update and which won’t.

The Nexus 5 is a definite update receiver. You can even try the Android L Preview on it if you are bold enough and have the time to set things up – and then go back to Android KitKat and then again set things up after realizing that the Android L Preview cannot be used for our daily purposes.

One thing I can say with my eyes closed, is that all the Google Play edition phones will definitely see the Android L update, and that includes all the discontinued devices.

HTC Devices


Lets draw a line between all the devices released before the HTC One M7, and after that. All the devices that were released after the HTC One M7 will see the Android L update, while all devices released before that will not see any new updates.

I know this is bitter, but that is the truth, and HTC has already defined the policies about those updates. So even if you think that you’ve spent a decent amount of money to purchase an HTC Butterfly or maybe the Rezound, it is kind of sad that you won’t be getting Android L.

Samsung Devices


The demigod of the mobile phone industry will only be able to push out the updates only as fast as they have always been. The Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3 will be the first ones here, and then the Galaxy S4 will follow them, and then after that Samsung is all done with the updates thing.

All the mid-range and low-range Samsung devices will be on the same version as they are now and will probably still be there until they become brick.

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One last thing, you have to remember that all your Android devices will run exactly as they did before we even knew anything about Android L. And to conclude, I will say that this is the best educated guess that I could make based on my previous experiences while receiving the updates. I wish I could just simply say that “Hey buddy Android L is for everyone. Lets get it already.” but that’s not how Android works. Some of us will have to wait for it.

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