5 Ways To Fix IPhone 4 Won’t Connect To The App Store

Using an iPhone 4 or any other smartphone without the apps would not be fun at all. It’s all about the apps. You certainly have a lot of them already installed, and many others you plan to download and try out. To download new apps, or to manually update the ones you already have, you need to connect to the App Store, but what to do if your device won’t connect? This is a very common issue, but the good thing is you can get rid of it with ease. One of 5 ways to fix iPhone 4 won’t connect to the App Store will work, and you will be able to download or update the apps.

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5 ways to fix iPhone 4 won’t connect to the App Store

5 ways to fix iPhone 4 won't connect to the App Store

Solution No.1: Internet connection

The main reason why iPhone 4 cannot connect to the App Store can be a poor Internet connection. If you are using Wi-Fi, turn it off, and back on again. To do that, go to Settings > Wi-Fi. If you are using cellular data, turn it off, and back on again. Go to Settings > Cellular. If this does not make any difference, switch the network. If you have been using Wi-Fi, use cellular data, and if you have been using cellular data, switch to Wi-Fi.


Solution No.2: Sign out from the iTunes and App Store and log in again

If your Internet connection is good, but your iPhone 4 won’t connect to the App Store sign out from the iTunes and App Store, and then log back in. Here is how:

  • Launch the Settings App
  • Select iTunes & App Store
  • Sign out, and then add your password and log in.


Solution No.3: Date & Time

One of the solutions shared on the Apple’s official website is to take a look at the Date & Time on your iPhone 4, to make sure they are correct. Go to the Home screen and tap on Settings > General > Date & Time.


Solution No.4: Update iOS

When experiencing bugs and issues with your device, you can’t wait for a new version of iOS, because every new version solves many bugs and glitches. To install the latest version of iOS, follow the steps provided in the following article:

How to Update iOS on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


Solution No.5: Reset all Settings

If you already upgraded your device, you can reset all settings on your device. This may solve the problem. Here is how:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Tap on Reset
  • Select Reset all Settings.


These 5 ways to fix iPhone 4 won’t connect to App Store worked for many who had the exact same issue, so try them all if needed, and you will be able to download and update all your favorite apps.

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