Best Movie2k and Movie25 Android Apps

Android movie apps are really hard to find online. Most of the movie apps that are found online are not free, and they charge users a subscription fee. However, I have researched some of the Best Movie apps for Android(Galaxy, Nexus, HTC. etc).These movie mobile apps are very much similar to that of and Popular websites to watch free latest movies onlineThese are my collections for the best movie2k and movie25 Android apps.

Best Movie2k and Movie25 Android Apps



Best Movie2k and Movie25 Android Apps

Flipps is a massive library of videos which is not just limited to movies. You can find almost every viral video on this app and if you love music then you can listen to music through Flipps HD as well. In addition to streaming movies on your phone, you can also stream them on your TV. In addition to watching movies, you also have the option to download them on your device. For an app that allows easy watching and downloading of videos, you can hardly ask for more.


Viewster has already captured our attention on other platforms. With Android making mobile phones a source of easy entertainment, Viewster quickly made it to Android to explore a large number of potential customers. Viewster does not require a sign up for you to stream movies. This means you can begin your movie experience without any delay.

Tubi TV

Best Movie2k and Movie25 Android Apps

Another movie app that provides excellent movie watching experience in TubiTV. It is popular among many Android users and has been downloaded by over a million users. The app covers movies of all genres and it also has a Live TV feature for those who like to watch what is playing right now. It is a free app and watching movies does not cost you either.

Free Movies

With over 5,000 movies to watch, you can look for your favorites on Free Movies and watch those movies for free. Over 10 million users have downloaded this app from the Play Store which only shows how good it can be. The size of the app is not too big which means it serves you well if you have storage problems and do not wish to download a large app.

Big Star Movies

Best Movie2k and Movie25 Android Apps

With a massive library that includes a huge number of titles from many genres, Big Star Movies is another app that is popular among avid movie watchers. However, all the movie titles are not for free so you may have to pay for some movies. But if you like things for free then it does have many free movie titles that you can browse and enjoy watching.

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