Your Samsung S21 5G is stuck on logo and won’t boot? Try these fixes

Normal usage is out of the question if your Samsung S21 5G is stuck on logo and misbehaves. When the phone is stuck on the logo, it means it won’t boot normally. Usually, it is a sign there is something wrong with the phone’s firmware. We will share some simple tricks that can help you change the course of things and turn the phone back on. Let’s see what to do when the phone is stuck on the logo screen.

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What to do if your Samsung Galaxy S21 5G is stuck on logo and won’t boot?

If the phone won’t boot and gets stuck on the logo screen and keeps doing that even after your restart it, there are not many options on your hands. There are only two. But, the good thing is that one of the options we will list below usually works.


Forced reboot

The first thing to try is to go for is forced reboot. It manages to fix software bugs and issues most of the time, and the phone starts to behave normally right after the reboot is done.

Press and hold the Volume down key and the Power key at once. Keep holding both buttons until you see the logo on the screen. When the logo appears, it’s the sign to release the buttons.


Factory reset with hardware keys

If the force reboot doesn’t make the change, you can go for a factory reset but be aware you won’t create a backup because you can’t access the settings. Here is the drill:

  • You will begin by pressing and holding the side buttons and the Volume up buttons all together
  • The device will vibrate, and the Android recovery screen will appear
  • Release, the buttons
  • Select the option “Wipe Data/Factory reset” using the Volume keys
  • Press the Side button to confirm
  • Again, use the Volume buttons and choose the option Yes
  • Continue by pressing the side key
  • You will need to wait for the factory reset to complete
  • Finally, select the option “Reboot System Now.”

All being well, the factory reset will go smoothly, and the phone will boot. If that doesn’t happen, make sure to contact Samsung and schedule the repair or replacement of the phone if your phone is still under warranty.


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