WPS Office Is A Must Have Business Tool

WPS office is a “must have” app for professional or business people. It’s a perfect solution for cross-platform office because it’s 100% compatible with Microsoft office. It means whatever the file types you create on Microsoft office, it can be opened and edited on WPS office. For instance, docx file, xlsx, pptx, etc. You can also use this app as a document reading apps, such as PDF reader, Word, Excell, and Powerpoint.

They offer all in one solution for office productivity on mobile devices and PC, including sharing and cloud service. Interestingly, it’s available in various platforms: mobile, Windows PC, and Linux PC. This is important when it comes to sharing files. Your colleague or business partner may work on different platforms. If that’s the case, reading the file can be quite challenging. Let say your business partner is using Linux platform, while you are using Windows PC.

The availability of mobile platform version is important as well and you can access WPS office on your smartphone or tablet. The other amazing news is that you can continue to edit your work in a different platform, such as Windows or Linux PC because WPS Office allows that.


A Complete PDF Reader

In a mobile version, WPS Office comes with some handy features and tools. For example, Graffiti. It’s an annotation feature that you can use if you want to add something, such as a mark or handwriting. The other great tools are double tap feature for zooming and long press for magnifying. These two features are important for a smaller mobile device. The thumbnail view can help you to find a document page faster. Moreover, PDF reader on WPS  office for mobile is so responsive.

WPS Office Mobile


Mobile optimization features on Word

The Word app on WPS has the essential feature that is needed to create a word document. You can save it in various formats, such as .doc, docx or PDF. One of my favorite features is the Word wrapping mode that allows the font to fit your iPad or smartphone. So that it will not look too small to read. The Word tools are designed for a mobile device. You can find all the editing tools on a menu tab.


WPS Office Mobile


In creating WPS office app, the developer has thought about all the important aspects so the users can fully enjoy using Spreadsheet. For example, the availability of 3 different keyboard modes that you can choose as you need. There is also TAB to move from column to column with ease in a sheet. These features will help you write faster.



Furthermore, the multiple sheet choice is so easy to use. We can also choose to lock or hide that sheet.

WPS Office Mobile



This is the last app they offer to make an interesting presentation. It looks smooth and elegant. This app allows you to connect it to a Wireless projector in the same network without a complicated setting. As a speaker, you are able to activate the Note Mode, a presentation remote mode. This feature allows the important notes to appear on the app, not the main screen.


WPS Office Mobile


Sharing and a Cloud service

WPS office provides the complete sharing methods i.e email, through online accounts and wireless. Besides, it can sync automatically if you log in using three popular social media: Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.


You can use the cloud storage online services such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and Drive to store your documents with ease.


You can download WPS office for iOS, and for Android. It’s free of charge.