Windows 11 Update To Include Native Support For RAR, 7-Zip, And More Compression File Formats

By Elizabeth Kartini
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In exciting news for system builders and Windows users worldwide, Microsoft has announced a significant update to Windows 11 that will eliminate the need for third-party software like WinRAR as native support for RAR, 7-Zip, GZ, and other common compression file formats will be introduced.

While Windows had already included support for the popular ZIP format back in the days of Windows ME, the limitations of this format led many users to seek alternatives such as RAR. However, utilizing RAR files required additional software like the commercial WinRAR, often exploited through its 30-day free trial, which gained memetic notoriety. As a result, 7-Zip emerged as a popular free alternative that offered tight integration with the file manager, making it the preferred choice for managing compressed files.

The upcoming Windows 11 update marks a notable milestone in the progress of an operating system, as it aims to reduce reliance on third-party tools. The inclusion of native support for compression file formats like RAR and 7-Zip signifies a significant win for Windows 11 users, streamlining the file management process and eliminating the need to install additional software.

The enhanced capability will be introduced in version 22H2 Moment 3 of Windows 11, which is expected to become available later this week through Windows Update. With this update, users can look forward to a more seamless compression file experience within the Windows 11 environment, simplifying tasks and enhancing overall productivity.

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