Why Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Is Not Charging? How To Fix It?

Are you wondering why your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ not charging all of a sudden? It was fine the last time you plugged the device into the charger. So, what’s going on? How to fix it?

Charging issues are common. Some users manage to fix it quickly using some simple methods, while others visit Samsung Service Center because the problem is hardware-related. It all varies from one device to another.

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Why is Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Not Charging?

A faulty cable can be responsible for the issue. If there is dirt or debris on the charging port of your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+, that could be the culprit as well. If you have checked those things, but the issue still appears, maybe the problem doesn’t come from your phone. The socket or the charging port of your adapter or the computer where you plug the device can be the problem. The charging issue can also occur due to third-party apps or software updates.

Another thing that causes Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ won’t charge is the hardware. It can be the charging IC or the battery got damaged. It means you need to book a repair or visit the nearest Samsung Service Center.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Not Charging Issue

Before you decide to bring it to the repair shop, try some of these methods first. Let’s do the troubleshot one by one.

Check The Charger

Are you using the original charger? If so, first check the cable. Make sure there is no damage. A faulty electric wire can be dangerous and damage the phone. Even if it is still working, not using it anymore would be a wise decision.

If the cable is all good physically, try to plug it into a different adapter to charge your Galaxy S9/S9+. You can also try to use the same cable and adapter for another compatible phone if you have any.

Check the Socket

The cable and adapter both are in good condition, but why Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ is not charging? Maybe, the problem comes from the port on your laptop if you set the device through it. Try to plug it into a wall socket instead. Or vice versa.

Clean The Charging Port

Many users find this simple method works to solve their Galaxy S9/S9+ won’t charge issue. Cleaning the charging port of your phone is simple.
1. First, turn off the phone
2. Use a flash to see through the port better. Check if there is dust, dirt, or debris in it
3. Blow it gently to get rid of those things with your mouth, or use a rubber cleaning blower

When you have done, plug the phone into the power source for charging. If the dirt is difficult to clean, don’t use a metal tool or hard object to the port. It may lead to more damage to the port.

Check The Moisture

Did you drop your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ to water? Have you walked in the rain with it lately? Check if there is a waterdrop icon on the screen. Turn off the phone for a few hours to let the moisture evaporate, or try to dry it up using a small rubber blower carefully. If you still see the waterdrop icon, try to clear the cache for USB.

1. Go to Settings > Apps.
2. Tap the filter icon on the screen’s upper-right corner and toggle the button next to the Show system apps until it turns blue. Then tap OK
3. Find the USBSettings option and tap it

4. Choose the Storage option
5. Tap Clear data, then tap the Clear cache

Restart The Phone

Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ not charging issue may be caused by frozen apps or programs. Restarting your phone is worth trying, and it won’t damage the device. You can also try to reboot your Galaxy phone. If the issue still appears, update the software if available.

Try To Charge Wirelessly

Using a wireless charger is another way to figure out why Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ not charging in the first place. If this method works, it means the problem comes from the cable, adapter, or socket. If you have another device that supports wireless PowerShare, you can use it to charge the phone.

Book A Repair

You have cleaned the charging port, both cable and adapter have no issues, and the socket is fine. You don’t find a waterdrop icon on your phone screen either. But why is Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ still not charging? Maybe the issue is related to hardware. You may need to replace the port, the charging IC, or the battery. It is time to book a repair or visit the nearest Samsung Service.