Where to watch sports online for free

The days when we could watch sports games only TV are long gone. Today, there are many sports streaming options out there. While many of the websites offer sports streaming for a certain fee, there are still the ones that offer the service for free. If you have been looking for sports websites that allow the users to watch the games without any fees, keep reading. We are going to share a few reliable and easy to use options.

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ESPN doesn’t need a special introduction since it is one of the most popular sports channels in the world. This site offers a few channels accessible as live streams. There’s a bit of variety to choose from, however, most of the games are locked and available to paying viewers or subscribers. Still, a few games are available, limited to the ones that the site has rights to live stream. So, fingers crossed that the matches you want to watch are available for streaming. The sports you can watch are tennis, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc.

Facebook Watch

Perhaps you didn’t know this (especially if you are not such an active Facebook user), but you can watch video content on Facebook, sports included. What you need to do is go to Facebook Watch, log in to your account, choose the option Search videos (search bar). There are different sports you can watch. If you don’t have a Facebook account, perhaps this is a great time to sign up and enjoy watching sports for free.

Here is another place where you can watch your favorite sports online. Sportrar offers a variety of sports that you can watch, but, prepare yourself for a ton of ads and pop-ups as these can be quite annoying. If one of the streaming links doesn’t work (which may happen often), you will see the list of other available ones. There are several categories on the site, such as Live games, games on tv, and the list of games that didn’t start. You can watch sports such as soccer, tennis, volleyball, handball, ice hockey,  fighting, and more.


Another great option for all those who would like to watch sports online. Laola1 is an Austrian website that offers a variety of sports from all around the globe. If you are into soccer (UEFA Championship League, UEFA Europian league, Primera, and Bundesliga included) or volleyball you will find many matches available there. If you find ads before or during the videos annoying, you may consider becoming a premium user. In that case, the ads will be gone and you will be able to watch sports without any interruptions. As mentioned, you can watch soccer matches, volleyball, but there are also basketball, handball, motorsports and more.


This site offers a variety of sports and has something in common with we have previously mentioned. The thing these two websites have in common is something users don’t like that much – tons of pop-ups and ads. However, all the sports content offered on Cricfree is free. There are many sports available, from tennis, football, baseball, basketball, darts, boxing, to rugby, motors, and golf. So, there is something for everyone’s taste. You can see the list of the upcoming matches and the live ones.

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