WhatsApp not sending photos – How to fix it

These days when we have all the time on our hands and are in our homes 24/7, the only way of communication with other people who aren’t near you are social media applications. There are many social apps out there, Viber, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp. Since the apps can get overbooked due to many people being online at one time, applications have a bigger tendency to run into a bug now more than ever. If you are one of the people that’s been using WhatsApp and has had some kind of a problem with the app these days, don’t worry, we are going to try and help you.

Today we will be making an easy to follow step by step guide on how to fix the pictures that are not sending on WhatsApp. It’s one of the most common problems these days. Whether you can’t send pictures or you cannot see the picture that someone sent you, keep reading this article and you will be able to fix the issue in no time.

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First of all, what causes this problem?

  • Your phone doesn’t have the correct date and time set up.
  • You are having some kind of network problem.
  • Memory or cache memory of your phone is full.
  • If you are using an SD card, there’s a chance that it doesn’t have enough space.
  • There’s a chance that your SD card has stopped working.
  • The app itself has run into a bug of some kind.
  • The app is currently down.
  • Your phone is overheated.

The things you can try to do

  • Set your phone’s date and time correctly.
  • Check to see if you’re Airplane mode is on. Turn it off.
  • Go to your phone’s Settings, find the Memory card, find the WhatsApp app’s section, click on it and look for its cache memory. When you find it, delete it.
  • Open the app and try deleting some of your chats and calls history or all chats history.
  • If you are using Wi-Fi, make sure that there’s an active internet connection. If there is no internet access, wait a while or restart your router. The last thing you can do is to call your operator if you are still having trouble with accessing the internet.
  • Or maybe, if you are using your mobile data, again, check to see if there’s internet access. Possibly wait a while or call your network provider for further questions and for more information.
  • Try turning your SD card off and on.
  • Consider deleting some of the SD card’s data.
  • If that doesn’t work, turn the SD card off and take it out of your phone. After a certain amount of time, place it back on your phone again, and see if the problem is solved.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Uninstall the app, wait a while, and then install it again.
  • Turn your phone off for a certain amount of time, turn it back on and then try again.
  • Log off of your WhatsApp’s account and try logging in after a minute or two.
  • If you are still having problems after trying all of these steps, do not hesitate to contact the app’s staff and seek support or ask them to give you more information and a possible solution.

There’s a chance that the app is currently down, consider waiting for a while, maybe it will work on itself again.

We hope that you were able to solve your problem by following these steps. If you are still having some issues with the app and the pictures, don’t hesitate to write an email to the app’s support. You will get the best answer from them.