WhatsApp not installing error – How to fix it

WhatsApp messenger or WhatsApp is an application owned by Facebook. It is one of the most popular messaging platforms out there at the moment. It allows its users to send text messages, audio messages, make phone and video calls, and also share photos, videos, gifs, documents, contacts, location and etc. It also allows you to create different groups to host chats, and there are many other features that you can use that only require you to have a stable internet connection.

The app is free to download on smartphones, tablets, and iPads. You can find it in the App Store for iPhone, and on the Google Play Store for Android devices. And it is available on your laptop as well, you can either download it from the store or use the ‘WhatsApp web”. It is probably the app that you are able to find and download in every device.

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Why should you download the WhatsApp app?

One of the most important features that this platform has, and which makes WhatsApp even better, is that it uses data /Wi-Fi packages instead of consuming the messaging package. Also, you are able to send texts, call, video call with family and friends abroad, free of charge.

We can talk also about one of the most important features that WhatsApp has, and that is hosting group chats. The app offers you the ability to make groups that can involve over 200 users, which can be really handy if you want to organize some sort of event for example… and it makes you have a mutual call with everyone at the group, and also video calls. So, if you have a large group of friends, WhatsApp is the perfect way to remain in contact with every one of them.

Why is WhatsApp not installing on your device?

Sometimes, when you try to download the app on your smartphone, it does not seem to go through. Here are some ways to fix this WhatsApp not installing problem.

  • The storage on your phone is full and you do not have enough space for a new app. Go and double-check your phone’ storage space to make sure it has enough space for another app. If it does not, try to delete some unnecessary photos and videos and some apps that you probably do not use and that you have forgotten about. If WhatsApp does not seem to start installing after that, try to move the other apps on your phone to an external SD card if there is one (this should help especially if you are an Android user).
  • If you have an Android, maybe WhatsApp is not compatible with that specific device that you are using. In order to download the app, you need to have a running Android version 2.3.3 or higher. Try to update your phone’s system and try downloading WhatsApp again.
  • Have in mind that the reason that you cannot download WhatsApp is maybe that it is still not available in your current country.

Here are some steps to always follow to make sure to download WhatsApp successfully on your device:

  • Restart your phone before trying any of the solutions below, and then try to download the app.
  • Always try to download the app using Wi-Fi and not cellular data, it will be much faster.
  • Set your phone’s time and date manually and they should be correct.
  • Check to see if your phone has an Android version 2.3.3 or higher installed.
  • Try to install it on the SD card instead of your phone’s storage.

If these steps helped you with fixing that problem that you just had, then having WhatsApp on your phone is going to be really helpful with everything.