What to Expect From Galaxy S6

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Many a review and article has been written about the famous Samsung Galaxy S6. A lot of our readers think that it has already been released but it actually still has to be released. April 10th 2015 is said to be the Samsung Galaxy S6 release date. But in some places and stores this special gadget has already been released; like MWC 2015. One must introduce this remarkable device for all those out there who have not yet heard of it. Although the talk about this smartphone is everywhere, here is a detailed and categorized description of the entire Samsung Galaxy S6 specs:

The Design of the Galaxy S6:

From the highly awaited arrival of this phone, unluckily the photos got leaked. The photos were unrealistically real, almost like a copy. For some people that turned out to be a disappointing ordeal but others have found the leaked photos highly exciting and precise! The phone is made up of a fascinating combination of metal and glass. The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a very firm and solid grip than the rest of the Samsung collection.

This smartphone is slightly smaller or maybe even the same size of the iPhone 6. If the Samsung Galaxy S6 dimensions are smaller than that of the iPhone then evidently its screen will be smaller. However, the Galaxy S6 has a better and even more crystal clear screen than the iPhone 6 screen size.

Although there is a drawback to this smartphone, it is not waterproof. Those who are waiting for a waterproof Samsung phone wait for the S6 Active that is rumored to release in May 2015.

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S6 Screen:

We all have not seen a more brilliant screen than the Samsung Galaxy S6 display size. This one implements a Super AMOLED display screen. You can watch movies, videos and many other visual pictures in the clearest of clearest qualities. But, not just that!

The Samsung S6 has awesome screen dimensions measuring up to 2560 x 1440 pixels. That basically matches up to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 QHD visual display.

Some people have been thinking about the S6 crystal clear screen and worried that it might eat up the battery life faster than usual. But actually, the answer is no! The phone has it in its self. This extra clear resolution does not harm the battery in any way. Whatever harms the battery and eats it up quicker than usual is your level of brightness.


This one is the best of all, literally! The Samsung Galaxy S6 camera is 16 megapixels. One can just sit and ponder about all the amazing things he or she can do with this mighty camera. From shooting professional videos to producing vines, people have already started with the planning! Also, you should not worry about the quality or resolution of your screen pixels already reach up to 2k. So no worries!

The main camera of your S6 has an f1.9 aperture, meaning that you can snap perfect pictures in low light. Fancy that! That is 34% enhancement compared to the Samsung S5. Alongside your fantastic S6 16 megapixel camera, there is feature installed under the name of Optical Image Stabilisation. That fundamentally indicates that your picture/video will stay professional and very up to standard even if you are being shaken or are shaking.

Your Galaxy S6 has a front camera with the very same Optical Image Stabilisation and is 5 MP. To look at last year’s products and the S6, one can only wow at the advancement and development.

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Battery Life:

Here comes a looming disadvantage! The Samsung Galaxy S6’s battery is only 2550mAh. That is considered an ‘only’ when 2014’s Samsung models’ batteries were 2800mAh. People have gathered from this apparently bizarre move that Samsung decided to drop down on the battery size and power while making a better operating system, screen and chipset. Or maybe the inventors came to the realization that they had already created a magnificent smartphone that is unmatchable. Of course, in later years scientist and other investors will start on making better phones but for the time being, we all have the S6 on the top of our wishlists.

That is yet to be the professionals’ opinions…we’ll just have to wait and check in next time to see the legit reviews of those who have purchased the phone and used it.

A new and faster charging system has been brought to our minds and lives. Now you can charge your Samsung S6 for a full 2 hours video playback in the span of 10 minutes only. Individuals have never been so happy and excited for anything before. Not to mention you can supercharge and wirelessly charge your S6 as well.

Operating System:

The word has gotten around and it has been said that the Samsung Corporation is investing its very own Tizen operating system. Although you will not find a Tizen operating system on your S6! The Galaxy S6 has the Android Lollipop version. Not just the Lollipop operating system that takes care of your phone, Samsung made sure to drop in just a bit of their ‘touch’. The S6 operating system is mixed in with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. That little piece of news might not bring the happiest of smiles on people’s faces.

However, Samsung has refined this TouchWiz UI to loads better and less annoying system. Say goodbye to all those tedious app streamlining, popup menus apps that eat up your phone’s internal space. Your new S6 will have none of that. Although your screen and inner phone display may stay the same and maybe feel the same! Some people are predicted to dislike this new operating system but let us know your views in the comments.


You are supplied with 3 types of Samsung Galaxy S6s. The difference in all these is the internal space in your smartphone. Originally your S6 has a RAM of 3 GB and a differing internal memory of 32, 64 and 128 GB.


As we have mentioned previously that there are different versions of your S6. Just the same there are different prices as well.

  1. 750 Euros for the 32GB S6
  2. 850 Euros for the 64GB S6
  3. 950 Euros for the 128GB S6
  4. 855 USD for the 32GB S6
  5. 970 USD for the 64GB S6
  6. 1085 USD for the 128GB S6
  7. 560 GBP for the 32GB S6
  8. 635 GBP for the 64GB S6
  9. 710 GBP for the 128GB S6
  10. 1100 AU for the 32GB S6
  11. 1240 AU for the 64GB S6
  12. 1390 AU for the 128GB S6

We will be updating the prices once the official Samsung S6 portal officially announced them.


There are some people who prefer their items to be pin-packed and love to know all about their item’s weight and dimensions. For all those out there, your S6 must measure up to 14.34 x 7.05 cm and have a depth of 0.68 cm (6.8 mm). If your phone looks or measures to more or lesser than that then you must have purchased the wrong model.


Not very heavy or too light the Samsung Galaxy S6 weighs only 138 grams.

Aspects You Are to be Aware of:

Here we will discuss and point out all the fun-to-know advantages of your S6.

  • Colors: Topaz Blue | Platinum Gold | Sapphire Black | Pearl White
  • The battery is non-removable.
  • HTML5 browser.
  • No radio option!
  • microUSB v2.0 port.
  • Sensors: SpO2, heart rate, gyro, barometer, accelerometer, compass, and proximity.
  • OneDrive: free 115 GB of cloud storage.
  • Music Players: FLAX, eAAC+, WMA, WAV AND MP3.
  • Film Players: H.264, WMV, XviD, DivX, and MP4.
  • 5 mm headphone jack.
  • Memory card slot – NO!
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