What To Do If The Bookmarks Disappeared From Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox – the favorite browser for many users. Many of them use only this browser but, sometimes, it has a quite strange problems, and one of them is that bookmarks suddenly disappear. Of course, it is not a serious problem and in most of the cases, bookmarks are not lost forever, and they can be easily restored. We are going to show you what to do if the bookmarks disappeared from Mozilla Firefox.

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What To Do If The Bookmarks Disappeared From Mozilla Firefox

If the bookmarks panel doesn’t display

Many users access to their favorite websites using the bar above the address bar, and if it no longer displays, then you should perform the following actions:

Click the right mouse button on the grey field where tab panel normally displays; from the drop-down list, select “Bookmarks Toolbar”. The panel will be returned.

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If the imported bookmarks disappeared

If your bookmarks, which you have imported from another browser, disappeared from Mozilla Firefox you will need to do the following:

  • Click-click on the top-right button “Bookmarks”. Then select “Show All Bookmarks”
  • This will open the Library window
  • The bookmarks can be found when you open “All Bookmarks” < “Bookmarks Toolbar” and there will be shown the name of the internet browser from which they were imported. For example, a folder with the name “From Google Chrome».

It may also be a problem that the browser will only display a standard set of stored pages. Usually, only one profile but Mozilla can create another one, and as soon as it is activated, it will show only standard pages.

At first glance, it may look that your bookmarks just disappeared, but don’t worry, the problem can be solved. To do this, you need to check if there is more than one profile. Select “Help” in the browser’s main menu bar and click on “Troubleshooting Information.”

Click “Show Folder” and click on it. If you see only a single profile, you should leave this window.

In the case when you can see a number of folders, then, accordingly, there are several accounts. You need to configure the browser to one single account where your bookmarks are stored.

Open the Profile Manager and select the desired profile. To open the manager you need to click on the Windows and R keys simultaneously. In the window that appears, type «firefox.exe -p» and click on the button OK.

Important! Before you open the Profile Manager, you must close your browser.



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