What is Verizon total mobile protection?

If you do not have insurance for your smartphone, one of the options you can take into consideration is Verizon’s total mobile protection. It provides coverage for damage, loss, and theft, coverage for post-warranty defects, 24/7 service, tech support, and some other perks.

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Available Options

There are three Verizon total mobile protection options available – mobile protection for a single line, protection for any 3 eligible lines on your account, and the business protection option, which protects any 3 lines on a business account with 3 to 10 lines.

Are you eligible?

You are eligible for Verizon total mobile protection if you enroll within 30 days from when you purchased a new smartphone (you need to activate it on the existing line or a new line). You can bring your own smartphone as well, but the phone must meet specific criteria – it must be fully functional, is activated on the new line, and is not lost or stolen. If you are eligible for the Verizon total mobile protection, visit Verizon Add-ons and apps page to enroll.


With mobile protection, you are allowed to file 3 insurance claims in a 1 year period. When it comes to pricing, the costs vary, and they depend on the option you have selected—total mobile protection for a single line $12 or $15 per month. Protection for any 3 eligible lines on your account costs $45, and the business protection option costs start at $45 and go up to $239, depending on the number of lines.


Keep in mind that you can cancel Verizon’s total mobile protection at any time. If you want to switch to another mobile protection option Verizon is offering, then do not cancel the protection you already have. If you do that, you will lose protection eligibility. Instead of canceling, go to Verizon Add-ons and apps page, and then select the option you want instead of the protection option you currently have.