What is DMG file?

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If you have been using a Windows PC and now you decided to make a change and you switched on Mac, you may notice DMG files. Now, as being new to macOS you are probably wondering what is DMG file. Keep reading, as we are going to explain it down below.

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What are DMG files?

DMG files are  Apple Disk Image files. They are digital reconstructions of physical discs. These files are often called Mac OS XDisk Image files.

In most cases, these types of files store installers of programs and software. In other words, you can use these files instead of physical discs to install the software you might need.  DMG files can be protected by a password.

If you want to open a DMG file on your Mac, you can do it in the same way as when opening any other type of file. So, if you want to install a program, all you have to do is open the DMG file and the installation will begin.

Can you use a DMG file on Windows?

You can open DMG files on your Windows PC to see what’s on them, and you can do that by using 7-Zip, for example.

But, you won’t be able to use the file on a Windows PC. If you want a certain program that is in this particular format, you will have to download the same program but in the format that is designed for Windows. To go back to the story from the beginning, DMG files are Apple Disk Image files, meaning they can be used on Macs only.

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