What does gsm unlocked mean?

One of the questions many people have is, “What does gsm unlocked mean?”. While you may expect some long explanation, don’t worry, it is all pretty simple and straightforward. Having a GSM unlocked phone means that the phone is not locked to some specific carrier network. In other words, when you have such a phone, you are free to choose the carrier you want. All you have to do is explore the offers and go to one that suits your needs and desires best. Now that we cleared that out, we will list some of the benefits of having a GSM unlocked phone and some downsides of it.

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Reasons to get a GSM unlocked phone

First, we are going to list some of the main benefits of having a GSM unlocked phone.

  • The first great thing about it is the one we already mentioned – you can pick the carrier that suits your needs best.
  • If you get a dual-sim phone, you can have two different networks if you like
  • There are no monthly payments.
  • No pre-installed apps on your smartphone. The bloatware can be really annoying, and many times, some of the apps can’t be removed.
  • You can save money.
  • You’ll get software updates faster.

Downsides of having a GSM unlocked phone

While having a GSM unlocked phone has many benefits, there are some cons as well.

  • To get a GSM unlocked phone, you will have to pay the full price right away.
  • The insurance and warranty you get from a carrier are way better than when getting a GSM unlocked phone. If you get an unlocked phone and it has some issues, you won’t get support from a carrier that is otherwise included.
  • You will have a hard time finding a good price or a phone at a discount, especially if you compare it with carrier special offers and discounts.
  • The carriers always have the latest and the best offer.