What is webcache.googleusercontent.com and should you enable it?

According to Alexa googleusercontent.com is the 52nd most visited site in the world. Most people are skeptical, whether  googleusercontent.com  is from Google property or a malware

Earlier today, I saw webcache.googleusercontent.com needs to be authorized. I Figured out that it’s a Cache link URL that Google uses instead of an IP Address to display previous cache content of your website.

Is web cache.googleusercontentsafe or not? If you click on web cache.googleuserconten   it will redirect you to Google search engine because  the sub-domains web cache  has the same IP address as Google.com -


This Url is no harm. It will only store the cache content of your website including the ads from a later date,

For example.If someone is browsing your cache website and then click on the ads on your site, you will get credited for it. However, if you don’t authorize webcache.googleuserconten  then you will miss revenue there.

If you are a person who flushes or clears your website cache regularly then there is no need to enable this Url.

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  1. webcache.googleusercontent.com
    Malwarebytes discovered this during a scan of my computer. On this day I opened Messenger with an offer for me to download the Messenger App to my phone and let it install it. Thankfully I do not use a smart phone nor the separate Messenger App. I’m suspicious of the offer and believe that the sender was trying to bug my phone for ulterior motives on their behalf! Is this possible in the way that this was done?

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