How To View Battery Percentage On iPhone X

Our smartphones are one of the most loved possessions and we always keep a check on the battery level to ensure it has enough juice. The notch on top of the screen of iPhone X doesn’t leave any room for the battery percentage to display. Thus it is difficult to keep the track on the battery level. But the feature does exist on the iPhone X. There is an added action using which the battery percentage can be seen. Keep reading to know how to view battery percentage on iPhone X.

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Option 1: From the Control Centre

You just need to swipe down from top of your iPhone X to reveal the Control Centre. The exact battery percentage that is remaining on your device can be seen here.

How To View Battery Percentage On iPhone X

Option 2: Ask Siri

Press and hold the Side button to wake Siri or use the voice command ‘Hey! Siri’ and then ask the virtual assistant about the current level of your phone’s battery. Siri will display the battery percentage of your iPhone X.

Both the ways to check battery percentage on iPhone X are easy, you can follow either one of them.

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