How To Use Selective Focus Feature Of Camera On Galaxy Note 4

The new Galaxy Note 4 of Samsung features a high resolution rear camera of 16 mega pixel with powerful Smart Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS). It minimizes any type of disturbance such as shaking while taking pictures, recording or previewing. Not only that, the exposure time adjusts automatically to take clear pictures in low-light.

Samsung has brought a little change on its Galaxy Note 4 camera settings. The setting options are minimized in two structures. In the first layer, most often used items are there and in the second layer, all other items are arranged.

Galaxy Note 4

Selective Focus Feature Of Camera On Galaxy Note 4

This post will guide you to use selective focus feature of camera on Galaxy Note 4. Below are the easy steps for that:

> Tap the Camera icon on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

> In order to change the selective focus, hit the MODE icon.

> Touch the Selective Focus.

> Hit Ok.

> Tap the objects and select them that you want to be in focus. Adjust the pictures by adding depth to them. It will bring only the objects that you want to be in focus. To get better results, see that the subjects should not be more than 50cm away from you and twice as far from the background. When everything is set, take pictures by selecting the Camera button.

> After taking the pictures, options are there to refocus through Gallery. Touch the Gallery option.

> Touch the Selective focus icons on pictures.

> You can select the focus that you want on already clicked pictures. You will get options such as Near focus, Far focus and Pan focus.

> After selecting one, select Save once you are completed.

Following these simple steps you can use the selective focus feature of the camera on Galaxy Note 4.

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Another feature is rich tone HDR. It not only supports pictures but also recording and preview mode. So you can take photos, record videos and reproduce details of photos in dark and bright areas.