How to use Pop Up Play on the Samsung Galaxy S3

As you all know, from the moment when Samsung Galaxy S3 hit the markets around the globe, it became one of the most popular smartpones. Its popularity is still very high and growing, and many people will gladly buy this model.

Samsung Galaxy S3 has brought so many new things, tools and features and that is why this smartphone is so fun and easy to use. One of the greatest features on this phone for sure is Pop Up Play. With this great option, you can watch videos and in the same time you can do anything else you want on the phone. You can browse the web, send emails, text – you can do whatever you like. Also, you can watch the videos in HD. Here is a little guide How to use Pop Up Play on the Samsung Galaxy S3 .


The most important thing you should know about the Pop Up Play feature is that you will not be able to stream videos from Youtube, which means that you can only play videos straight from your Samsung Galaxy S3. If you want to start this application, you will have to:

1. Go to your Videos application

2. Start the video you want

3. Tap the Pop up play feature

4. Pop up will show now as active application

The video you chose to watch will be playing no matter what else you are doing. You will see a small screen, and the video will stay on the screen. If you want to do something else, just do it, because the video will not bother you. You can move the video to some other place on your screen. Just drag the video with your finger to change its position. You can text and watch your favorite videos. Whatever application you want to use, you can use it. Move the video to some other place, and tap the application you want to use. The video will still be on, don’t worry.

You just saw How to use Pop Up Play on the Samsung Galaxy S3 guide. With a few simple steps, you can use this fun and pleasurable applications, and still you can do anything you want on your phone. Pretty cool isn’t it? Use this great application whenever you like and enjoy in your favorite videos no matter what else you are doing on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

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