How to Update the Software on LG G5

So, you are getting pop-ups on your LG G5 giving you a choice to update your device now or later. Do you just ignore the notification? Or click on the ‘remind me later’ option? Updating your device is important as an update brings solutions to the problems, has bug fixes, makes it compatible with other apps and software and secures your device; all this is possible if you update your phone. Updating the software on LG G5 is pretty simple and we will explain it here in detail. But before that, it is vital to know the importance of it and here are few points which explain how significant it is to update your device’ software.

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Why to update device software

Device Security

All devices have flaws and drawbacks and there are thousands of hackers who wait to grab the opportunity to discover them and corrupt the software. Every mobile company has a strong developer team specialized in hacking back into their system to solve and fix these bugs and problems.

There are many bug fixes and improvements which will help your phone to be secure, save your data to be shared with anyone and also save it from the hackers.


Other Reasons

There are many other reasons why to update your LG G5 device. The developers are always coming up with new features and ideas to make your life easier with the apps that you use and if you don’t update your phone you will be deprived of all these features.

Updates make your phone faster and you don’t have to worry about any data loss such as; contact details, emails, messages, picture or videos.


Points to Remember Before Software Update

Updating the software of your LG G5 requires some time. Updates can be seen in the settings of your device. Before you start updating your device there are two things which you need to remember:

  • Plug-in your mobile phone to a charger and charge it completely or keep it on charge while you are going through the software updating process.
  • Use Wi-Fi instead of Cellular data to avoid costs.

Steps to Update The Software on LG G5:

If a software update is available, there will be a notification sent to your device which will be prompted on the status bar at the top of your mobile screen.

  1. You will now have to swipe down the notification of the update
  2. Click Restart and Install
  3. Your LG G5 will restart and start with the update.
  4. Once the update of the software of LG G5 is completed then your Smartphone will restart and will go through various transitions and you will notice many alerts on the screen of your device ‘Android is upgrading’. When your phone is powered on then you will receive a notification about the software of your phone being updated. Simply click on ‘OK’ and close the notification.

If your phone has not received any notification about any software updates then you can check for an update manually. You need to:

  • Go to Setting > System Updates
  • Click on Check for New System Update and check for any updates manually.
  • You will get a prompt if there is any new update available. You can now proceed to update your LG G5’s software, you need to follow the steps above and start from step 1.

Having an updated phone will not only protect your device but also enables various smart features on the different apps and allows you to have the best mobile experience.



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