Unable to create subreddit – How to fix it

If you are unable to create a new subreddit, do not worry, it is a very common problem among the Redditors. We are going to be showing you a way to fix this issue, and also we will be explaining to you some of the criteria and requirements that your profile must have in order to be able to create a subreddit. So, keep reading this article, follow all of these tips and steps and we are sure that you will be able to fix this issue in no time!

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The requirements that your profile must have before you are able to create a subreddit

There are several things that your Reddit account must have/be in order for you to be able to create a new subreddit group. Here is a list of those things. If you do not have all of the requirements, you will not be able to make a new subreddit for now, and you will have to wait for a little.

  1. There is a chance that your account is too new and fresh so you cannot make a new subreddit. Your account must be at least 30 days old or you will not get the ability to make a new subreddit. If you have created your account just a few days ago, it is obvious that you cannot make a new subreddit. So, just wait until 30 days have passed and then try to create a new subreddit then.
  2. The second requirement that your profile must have or you will not be able to make a new subreddit, is the number of positive karma on your profile. Karma is, let’s call it score that you receive whenever you post something on Reddit. Those are points which you collect even when you comment, make a new post, or like something on Reddit. In other words, those are the points that show how much you have been active on Reddit. Reddit does not allow its users who have not been active to create a new subreddit. So, make sure that you engage in other posts on Reddit and that you have been active in order to get the minimum amount of karma. Your karma score is being displayed on your profile with all of the posts that you have engaged with, and with the posts which you have created too.

If your profile does not have all of these requirements, it is for the best if you wait for a little until your account is old enough, and until you have enough karma on your profile. In the meantime, join a new subreddit that has similar interests as you do. Communicate with people on Reddit, take part in some of the many Reddit discussions in many different subreddits, do everything you can to collect karma so you could be able to make a new subreddit very soon.

If your profile has all the requirements but you cannot create a subreddit

There is a chance that your profile might be banned from Reddit. You will have to check and see if that is the case.

And if not, and you are sure that you have the requirements from the previous paragraph, then consider contacting Reddit’s staff support and ask them why can’t you make a new subreddit. They are going to give you more information, and some possible solutions for your current issue. Make sure to mention that your profile has all of the requirements and that you are not sure why you cannot make a new subreddit on their site.

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