How To Turn Samsung Galaxy S4 Text Notifications On

In this short and comprehensive article, I will be showing you How To Turn Samsung Galaxy S4 Text Notifications On . By Default the System settings for SMS Messaging  is uniform ,however different application carries there own unique notification panel. A user has told me that he’s receiving notification sounds from email apps like yahoo and gmail but not receiving any Notification sounds from Text and Messaging apps.What’s app is a perfect example, if you are not getting any alert when you receives a message from what’s app and other messaging apps like skype, tango,Kik,Snapchat,facebook messengertwitter and IM, then follow the steps below to enable Sound notification on the Samsung galaxy S4.


How To Turn Samsung Galaxy S4 Text Notifications On

I have heard users having problems like” My text message  only vibrates but don’t make any sounds” 

The steps are broken down into different messaging apps.This will make it easier for users.


1 How to turn on SMS Text Notification on Samsung galaxy S4

To enable audible alerts  on your Pre built SMS Samsung galaxy s4 , Navigate to


>Select Sounds

>Under general tab, make sure it’s not “mute” set it to “sounds”

>Under ringtone and notifications- click ringtone and set your default notification sound.


If for some reason your android SMS messaging is malfunction and not receiving audible alerts. then


Download and install GO SMS – This is a beautiful messaging app that has high level of customization  to replace your default SMS App. However, in the free version ads are present. If you don’t like the Go SMS, then try Chomp SMS or Handcent SMS. Both received  a lot of 5 star reviews.


2 How to turn on WhatsApp Notification on Samsung galaxy S4

WhatsApp is a popular Messaging that has recently been purchased by facebook .One of the most common problem faced by users with this app is the notification  issue. Users are not reviving text notification on whatsapp . To quickly resolved this issue follow the steps below

Navigate  to :

>>Whats App

>>click the menu key(Button left of home button)



>Notification Tone

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