How To Turn On The Power Reserve On Your Apple Watch

Same as the smartphones have the Power saver mode, the Apple Watch has the Power reserve mode. When the battery is low, you can turn on the Power reserve, in which case the Watch will have only one function – it will show the time. It will not communicate with your iPhone, which means you won’t see any notifications. Also, if the battery gets too low, your gadget will automatically enter this mode, and you will see the lighting and time (as in the picture below). Let’s see how to turn on the Power reserve mode on your Apple Watch.

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How to turn on the Power reserve mode on your Apple Watch


There are two ways to turn on the Power reserve mode on your Apple Watch. We are going to show you both.


Method 1

While looking at the Apple Watch face, swipe up to open Glances. Now, right or left until you see the Battery glance, tap Power reserve followed by Proceed.


Method 2

Press and hold the side button on the watch until you see the Power off and Power Reserve. To put your watch into the power reserve mode, just drag the Power Reserve slider button to the right.



To turn off the Power Reserve, you will have to restart your Watch but this will work if your gadget has enough battery life and if the battery is empty you will have to let your watch charge. To restart your Watch, just press and hold the slide button until the Apple logo shows up on the screen.




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