How To Turn Off The Wi-Fi Reminders On HTC One M8

If you are on the middle of a game or busy in doing some important work in your HTC One M8, the Wi-Fi reminder pops up in between of the work may create an irritation. This pop up says you about the Wi-Fi’s availability. But if it happens when you are launching any app or keeps on popping up in the mid of your interesting work then it is better to turn off the Wi-Fi reminders on HTC One M8 to get rid of this problem. The way to turn off this notification is explained here in full details.

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Way to turn off the Wi-Fi reminders on HTC One M8

Turn Off The Wi-Fi Reminders On HTC One M8-1

You can easily turn off the reminders by going through the below steps:

> First launch the App’s list in your HTC One M8 mobile

> Go to the settings app from there

> Select the Wi-Fi option then from the Settings

> Now click on the Menu option that is represented by the three dots line.

> Next select the’ Advanced’ option

> Choose ‘Notify Me’

> Now swipe the slider to the option ‘OFF’ to turn off the Wi-Fi reminders on HTC One M8.

Follow the same process if you want to get back to the previous option.

Also if you want to stop getting notifications from any unsecured Wi-Fi network then it can be done in the following way:

> First turn on the Wi-Fi to check the list of all the detected Wi-Fi networks.

> Next find out the networks you want to block from getting notification. Then press and hold on that to see a list consisting of some options.

> Select the ‘Block network notification’ option.

> If you want to unblock a network then select ‘Unblock network notification’.

So, the process is very easy and simple and you can do it by following the above steps.



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