How To Turn On Blue Light Filter On Galaxy Note 8

Smartphone, tablet and laptop developers have truly come up with a powerful way to let you see your screen devices even in bright sunlight. This light on the screen is known as the blue light. The blue light could be quite harmful to your eyes while you are running through your phone at night. However, some phones along with Galaxy Note 8 come with a blue light filter using which you can save your eyesight from the piercing effect of the blue light. We are going to show you how to turn on blue light filter on Galaxy Note 8 and explain why this feature is so helpful.

Our busy schedule has made us all dependant on our smartphones and while we are busy with our work, office or college we tend to spend time on the social sites or shopping or browsing with our smartphones when we sneak in the bed at night. The screen of the smartphone emits this sharp blue light which has an adverse effect on our eyes. What’s more, it keeps you awake.

Galaxy Note 8 also has this feature and by using it you can turn on the blue light filter so that you don’t harm your sleep with the bright screen.

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Steps to Turn On Blue Light Filter On Galaxy Note 8

  • You just need to go to Settings of your Note 8
  • Next, you need to click on Search and pick Blue Light Filter
  • Click on Search and look for Blue Light Filter
  • Under blue light filter, you have the option to toggle it on or off – you enable this feature
  • You can then use the Opacity slider located above the Turn On Now option to set it according to your comfort.
  • Note 8 also offers that you an option to schedule a specific time for which you want to turn on blue light filter on Galaxy Note 8. You can select Custom Schedule and or just select Sunset to Sunrise option.
  • Like Alexa or Siri you can now use your voice also to control the features of your Note 8 including this one. Saying ‘Goodnight Bixby’ will activate the Do Not Disturb mode, set an alarm for you in the morning automatically and also turn’s on the blue light filter on your Note 8.


Now that you are aware of how to turn on blue light filter on Galaxy Note 8, enable it and enjoy using your phone at night as well.

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