Top Best Windows 10 Apps

Windows 10 has a charm of its own and those who are familiar with its interface prefer it over the other options available. There are some cool and useful apps for Windows 10 that carry out different tasks such as speeding up the computer, manage media, protect passwords, sending update reminders and many more. If you are looking for a way to enhance your experience, here are the top best Windows 10 apps you should consider downloading.

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List Of Top Best Windows 10 Apps


Top Best Windows 10 apps

You no longer have to worry about accessing your media files. With this app around you can share your documents, pictures, and videos easily. Everything that you save in Dropbox can be accessed on the web, computers, smartphones, and tablets. If something goes wrong with your Windows computer, everything that you saved in Dropbox is safe. You get 2 GB free space when you sign up for the first time. All you need is a link to the file you need irrespective of its size.

Download Dropbox


Top Best Windows 10 apps

Duolingo is among the best Windows 10 apps that you should have. Are you interested in learning other languages but find the classes too expensive? Here is an interesting way to learn Italian, Spanish, Danish, English, French, Irish, Dutch, Portuguese and German. This is a completely ad-free app and moves up slowly starting with small lessons first. You can also track your progress and you get achievements too. Thousands of people have already used this app and rated it to be one of the best to learn a new language.

Download Duolingo

Sticky Notes 8

Top Best Windows 10 apps

Although this is not a new app, it happens to be a useful one as it lets you stick reminders. The app has been around for some years but this version comes with a lot of updates and cool features. You don’t need to set an alarm or ask someone to remind you about a work that you need to complete because now you can just put reminders on your Home screen. Sticky notes can also be pinned to your Start screen. The notes can be moved around on the screen and once you have finished the task you can just delete it. You can also search your notes and sync them with OneDrive and share it with other applications.

Download Sticky Notes 8

Windows Central

Top Best Windows 10 apps

This is quite a useful app to have on Windows 10.  From news to videos you can experience ad-free viewing on this app. This is an all-in-one app and you also have the option to access Windows Forums. Videos from YouTube are embedded in the article and you also have access to links to download apps and games that are covered by Windows Central. You can use push notifications so you can be updated whenever there is a new article. There are two themes – dark and light.

Download Windows Central


Top Best Windows 10 apps

The Foursquare app is one of the best Windows 10 apps that will help you find the best places to eat hang out. This is a great app and the search results work according to your taste and preference. You can use this app across the globe and discover some of the best places to eat. Every search that you make is based on your past ratings, your customized taste and the experts that you believe in. You can look for cafés, restaurants etc. The app also lets you follow influencers whose taste matches yours. You don’t even need an account to use this app and yet you can like or dislike the places you visit. The app is integrated with Bing Maps so locating the restaurant that you would like to visit isn’t hard too.

Download Foursquare


Fresh Paint

Top Best Windows 10 apps

If you love to draw and paint then this virtual canvas will help you explore your inner abilities as a painter. You have hundreds of tools that will help you paint. You can undertake to create a fresh piece of artwork or just select from the activity pack to begin painting. In addition, you can mix and match colors to create new and unique colours. The brush strokes are controlled with natural pressure sensitivity. You can also use a picture from one of your clicks and paint it. The undo button and eraser lets you get rid of your mistakes. You also have a fan button which helps in drying the paint of your canvas easily and then share them with your friends and family. This app is also good for kids who are talented in painting and would like to learn more.

Download Fresh Paint


Top Best Windows 10 apps

The TeamViewer is completely free for personal use and they charge $55 for corporate usage. It is a helpful app and lets you control Windows computers. You can now offer help to your family and friends who are far from you with support regarding their phones and laptops. The app is installed on both the devices and systems – the one that is providing support and the one that is permitting the other to access their computer. You can also access your desktop apps from your home computer on your office computer or laptop and transfer files without syncing to an app or sharing it through an app. It is very useful and is among the best Windows 10 apps to have on your device.

Download TeamViewer


Top Best Windows 10 apps

This app is designed for the professionals who work around with pictures. For $19.99 they get tons of features. Whether it is text editing or skin retouching this app is quite a handful and works for both beginners and experts. The lighting adjustments and colours offered by Polarr are exquisitely sizzling. There are over 200 filters to use from and any edits that your make personally can be saved as custom filters and applied when you next want to use it. The dehaze feature is one of its newest attractions. You can clear the fog and haze from your pictures and make it look bright and beautiful. The free version offers quite a few features but if you want to use it for professional purposes then then there is nothing like the Pro version for this app.

Download Polarr

Looney Tunes Cartoons

Top Best Windows 10 apps

All of us love cartoons don’t we? Well this is one of the coolest apps to have. There are more than 300 cartoons to explore and watch. If you make an in-app purchase you get to watch the cartoons without any ads. If there is something important that has come up you can just close the app and when you come back the app will know where you left off and reload at the same place. You can also pin your favourite cartoon on the Start screen and watch them whenever you want. Looney Tunes can be enjoyed with your kids too.

Download Looney Tunes Cartoons


Video to MP3 Converter Extractor

Top Best Windows 10 apps

Next in the list of top best Windows 10 apps to have is Video to MP3 Converter. It is an amazing app to have on your Windows device. It is an audio extraction too which lets you convert it to mp3 format from any video in a matter for seconds. You can use any type of video file and extract audio files. The interface is user-friendly and you can also trim a video and extract the required part of audio from it. It is a completely free.

Download Video to MP3 Converter Extractor

PDF Conversion Suite

Top Best Windows 10 apps

Besides converting your PDF files to Microsoft Word documents it also creates PDF or multipage TIFF from different document formats. All you need to do is select the action and the document that needs to be converted ad then begin the process of conversion. There is a long list of files that it supports.

Download PDF Conversion Suite

Daily Bing Wallpaper

Top Best Windows 10 apps

We like to see new and different pictures on our screen both Home and Lock screen. If you like change and want to experience something new and fresh everyday then this app is perfect for your Windows device. The Bing picture of the day becomes image of your Home or Lock screen. You can also set to save the images automatically and if you like something, you can set it up as your device background manually.

Download Daily Bing Wallpaper

Emoji’s for SMS & Social Messaging Apps

Top Best Windows 10 apps

Messaging could be more fun when you have so many cute and funny stickers and emoji’s to share with your friends and loved ones. There are more than 3000 expressive and emotional emojis, stickers and emoticons along with HD stickers. These stickers and emojis work with Windows phone texting, Messages, GroupMe, Kik Messenger, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, Telegram, Instagram, WeChat, Line, Tumblr, Mail, Twitter and more. There are stickers of celebrities, transformers, Sponge Bob, Disney Cars, ICE Age, Aladdin, Donald Duck and so many more characters. Communicating with your friends will now be so much fun with this app. This sure is one of the coolest and best Windows 10 apps to have on your device.

Download Emoji’s for SMS & Social Messaging Apps

GIF Maker

Top Best Windows 10 apps

You can make GIFs with this app. Just need images and videos of your choice and convert them to GIF’s. You can record a video or use an existing video and trim it to make a GIF. Once you have created the GIFs you can keep saving the album and then share it with your friends and family on social media.

Download GIF Maker

Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram

Top Best Windows 10 apps

Like the name says this app lets you create stunning videos and images which you can share on Instagram and YouTube. This app is meant for those who like to share their lives and work on social websites. There are useful tools such as filters that can be applied on videos. You can merge videos or trim them, extract audio from videos or add funny stickers to images. There are many attractive overlays and effects. You also have video transition and add upto 10 items to create a transition effect.

Download Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram


Top Best Windows 10 apps

Thousands of users are in love with this app as you get to decide what should rise and what not. You get to discover new apps and games and also get a chance to influence your favorite ones. You will be a part of a huge community where the users decide which games and apps are worth noticing.

Download AppRaisin

Download some of the top best Windows 10 apps and make your device even more fun to use.

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