Top Best SNES Games

Did you know that the first SNES game was made in 1990? This was exactly when Nintendo started developing its video games. The last game ever made for SNES was in 2000.

However, many people still play SNES games today, using emulators, and find that very fun and probably a bit nostalgic. Here, we will mention some of the best SNES games ever made. Without any further ado, let’s see the titles that are among the most popular ones.

Best SNES games

1-Final Fantasy III:

Let’s kick-off off our list of world-class games by Square. In the glory days, Square was a steadfast supporter of Nintendo consoles. It was way ahead with incredible customization, great battle mechanics, and perfect gameplay balance, raising the bar for Japanese RPGs. Best of all, its characters will be given their due, building a robust and sensitive attachment with the player.

2-Super Mario World:

Back to the Super Mario games since the ‘80s, with every drop of the game, fans were waiting to play it. We all loved playing the SNES Super Mario Bros, and when World was created, we enjoyed the revolutionary maps of the game. Also, discovering Yoshi for the first time in Mario games gave us new perspectives and strategies.

3-Street Fighter II Turbo:

Since 1990, many developers have been aiming to create a successful fighting game, but most have failed. Capcom was the one that developed a game with a unique system of combos that allows players to experience exciting, new quests. Capcom has created various characters and original soundtracks that made the experience for the fans around the World just awesome.

4-Mega Man X:

When the Mega Man series was losing its glare at the beginning of the ‘90s, developers thought about bringing something new and fast, allowing the main character to climb and jump. So it was the story of Mega Man X. Although Capcom later made X2 and X3, they did not get the fame and success that X once had. We can confirm that Mega Man X was the best game in the series.

5-Chrono Trigger:

From 1990, Square was one of the leaders of the video games world that delivered some incredible RPG games. Chrono Trigger came with several time phases to discover, about twelve endings, and an interesting combat strategy based on combined attacks of the characters. Chrono Tiger was not the first game to utilize such features, but it was the one in which everything was perfectly executed.

6-NBA Jam: Tournament edition:

The first day Midway dropped the game into the market, NBA Jam became popular. People enjoyed the dunks and the madness that would happen in the game. What’s more, they could unlock some outrageous players, which was pretty exciting. For many, it is one of their favorite SNES games.

7-The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to The Past:

This is the second game of the Zelda series, and it was a second chance for developers to improve what they missed in the first one. It’s right that the first Zelda came with a large, filled map but missed an exciting storyline. But the version, A Link to The Past, has reached perfection with a more enhanced storyline and a marvelous concept of the adventure game. Also, the introductions of each mission are so awesome that they allow you to get unique gameplay. This game has changed the open-world gaming concept.

8-Donkey Kong Country:

Donkey Kong Country is considered one of the coolest games on the SNES. The game came with 39 levels allowing players many hours of gameplay. Let’s not forget that DKC was developed to get amazing visuals.

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