Top Best iOS Games For Kids

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The kids of today’s era are well versed with technology and various applications. They know how to handle a smartphone or tablet with ease. For the busy parents, the electronic gadgets like iPhone, iPad, and others come as a boon as these keep the kids engaged and thus allows the parents to relax a bit.

If you wish your kid to have the best utilization of the iPhone or iPad, you can download the best iOS games for kids and let them play and have fun. Here is the list of some of the top best iOS games for kids.

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Best iOS Games For Your Kids

Trivia Crack

Trivia crack could be a fun game for your kid as well as for the whole family. The exciting game is similar to Trivial Pursuit which would ask the users to answer different questions from different categories. Therefore, it could be quite a brainstorming game and could help your kids develop the cognitive skills at the same time. Your kids would need to play against one person in Trivial Crack which could involve passing the turns forth and back. You earn a special character for every turn to round won by you. One who collects all the characters first wins the game. The whole family can play Trivial Crack on a family game night to fight for getting all the characters in the challenge round. The game can be quite exciting as up to ten players can answer the same question in order to win the character. The one who gets the most right answers in the shortest stipulated time wins the game. This game could be considered as the best kids game apps as the kids can learn different subject areas like Geography, History, Science, English and much more by playing this game on their iPhone or iPad.

The only set of demerits with the game might be that the users cannot set a difficulty level and the constant ads popping up during the game.

Cut the Rope

Another compelling and certainly one of the best iOS games for kids, Cut the Rope has a fun element to it in addition to its ability to develop creative thinking among the kids. It is a great game to help the kids the basic art of problem-solving with the help of an alien named Om Nom which loves candies. The kids will have to figure out a way to help Om Nom satiate his hunger for candies by collecting stars. The candies hang from the ropes and you are required to cut the right ropes such that the candy falls right into the big mouth of Om Nom. As the level of the game advances, the difficulty level increases. The additional exciting features offered by this fun game include the use of bubbles to make the candy float so that it can bounce. The kids are given the difficulty level on the basis of their age which is required to be filled by them once they install and open the game on their iPhone or iPad. As you would make Om Nom get his favorite treat and earn more stars, you get rewarded. Even if your kid fails to cross one level and tries it for the second time, the game will ask whether your kid has improved. This will boost confidence and at the same time develop critical thinking. A great game which can be considered as the best kids game apps for iPhone and iPad.

Clumsy Ninja

As a kid, who doesn’t love Ninja? What more could a kid expect than an entire game built on the concept of Ninja named as Clumsy Ninja for the iPhone and iPad? So the overall theme of this exciting game is that this Ninja is not adept at his fighting skills and need some help from the players in honing his skills. The ninja’s girlfriend has been kidnapped and he has to train himself such that he can fight off the kidnappers and get his girlfriend back. You could be his savior by helping him out to learn the tough ways. It could be a great fun game for the kids who would help the ninja on each stage to either fight a sandbag, deflect flying fruits or jump on a trampoline. The more skills the ninja would develop, the closer he would get to his goal. The game is created and filled with fun animations and a great storyline to keep the players engaged and entertained.

The demerits offered by this iOS games for kids include repetitive tasks, players have to wait for refreshed lives to continue training and the players have to collect coins to buy new equipment.

LEGO City My City

This innovative and exhilarating game is among the top best iOS games for kids. With many versions of the LEGO games on the Apple game store, LEGO City My City is one of the best iPhone games for kids as it combines puzzle, racing, and a city building game – all in one to keep the kids engaged and have maximum fun. The kids would need to take care of their city and earn coins and rewards for each achievement. They can then use the coins to build bigger and better buildings in their city. You can make a large town by playing more and earning more coins.

The cons of this exciting game can be that it takes a lot of space on your iPhone or iPad.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds has become a phenomenal game for the kids as well as for the adults. It can be considered as one of the best iOS games for kids. It is very easily accessible and has an addictive tendency which will keep the kids engaged and have fun for longer durations as there are endless levels to conquer, each one more exciting than the previous. And when there are Angry Birds Star Wars on your iPhone or iPad, there is no more asking. It could be the must-have game on the iPhone or iPad if you wish to have a thrilling experience and pass time with bundles of fun.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Every kid must have loved the movie “Despicable Me” and who doesn’t love the cute, little minions? For those in minion-love, this game could be the best respite to have endless fun and excitement. This is one of the best iPhone games for kids and keeps the kids engaged with endless runner minions. There is an added humorous charm to the game, thanks to the minions. Kids will have endless fun and thrill playing this addictive game as they would compete to score the highest.

Conclusion: Keep your kids engaged and have fun at the same time by downloading some of the top best iOS games for kids.

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