Top Best Features Of LG V20

The LG V20 with its 5.7-inch QHD screen and Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB RAM is a promising device with some very interesting features. While the fingerprint sensor has become commonplace for most of the devices, dual rear cameras are still rare and the V20 has it. The Korean phone manufacturing company has been an aspiring competitor in the smartphone industry, but most of the devices it has launched have been overshadowed by smartphone tycoons, Samsung and Apple. The LG V20 is a successor to last year’s V10 which was released in limited markets. The latest model has kept the best features of its predecessor and has worked on the not so popular features to build a phone that appeals to a larger population.

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Some of the best features in the LG V20 are:

Dual Rear Camera and Wide Angle Photography

While the 5-megapixel front camera of the V20 is great for selfies, what phone users really like about this new LG phone is its 135-degree8-megapixell camera which came along with a 75-degree16-megapixell camera. The wide angle of the 8-megapixel camera helps you shoot near-panoramic pictures in one shot.

The front camera also features a 120-degree viewing angle which means that you won’t always need a selfie stick for clicking pictures with this new phone. Making it easier for you to click more background area or include more friends in your selfies. The rear and the front cameras can switch from standard to wide-angle photography easily with one touch. It makes taking pictures a complete delight for smartphone users.

Second Screen

Secondary display can be very handy for some smartphone users and the V20 makes it possible. The screen features the same resolution to ensure a sharp display on the second screen as well. But the brightness of this screen is high and even its font size is large compared to the one used by its predecessor, the V10. While the main screen features brilliant display, the second screen ensures quality display as well for users who want to be able to pick up the phone and check their notifications without pressing in buttons. The second screen allows users to tap a button to enlarge the notifications so you can see the notification messages clearly.


Designed to Last

The V20 is created to withstand rough handling. Given its full-metal body, there is a chance that the phone may easily slip out of your hands, but its MIL-STD-810G impact resistant design gives the phone military grade shock absorbency qualities. This means that if you do not like bumper cases then this phone is built for you. Its design is based on advanced silicon polycarbonate and aircraft-grade aluminum.

While the Gorilla Glass may suffer damage after a certain point, the body of the device is built to last. If you are in the habit of dropping your phone too often, then this LG device can bring your smartphone woes to an end.

Superb Audio Quality

If you wanted to record a concert then there is nothing better than the V20. It features a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC and this is the first time that a smartphone is doing it. It ensures high quality, lossless audio with minimum background noise. It makes audio recording a true joy and listening to the precision in the recordings is heavenly. It comes with a built-in HD audio recorder which ensures the exceptional quality of audio recordings. The B&O Play speakers complete the phone’s audio requirements making it one of the best smartphone for audiophiles that you may come across.

Exceptional 4K Video Recording

In addition to the ultimate quality of audio recordings, the V20 also features an unprecedented quality of 4K video recording. The processor plays an important role in ensuring stability in the videos that are being shot so that it does not include unwanted movements. Using the gyro to speculate movements the video is analyzed by the device after being shot so that it can reproduce a smoother footage. The device offers high-quality 4K video capture and playback which makes video shooting really smooth on this device. For those who use their smartphones for shooting lots of videos, this is one device that won’t let you down.

Android 7.0 Nougat

Smartphone users have been awaiting the newest Android update for their devices, and apparently, LG V20 users are going to be among the first users of Android 7.0 Nougat. While a lot of users have complained earlier about LG’s interface, it appears that with this new device, Android has worked on its new skin as well. The LG UX 5.0+ skin used in the V20 is one of the best that LG has featured so far. It has lesser bloatware and the level of user-friendliness is also higher. Overall the software in the device will make the users enjoy the phone.

Google In-Apps Search

The V20 is a device that has a lot of things that are being featured in a smartphone for the first time. Like its amazing audio features, the latest Android software and its Google In-Apps Search feature. This functionality will allow V20 users to look for information within the built-in Android apps and even third-party apps installed by the users. LG has included a shortcut to In-Apps on its home screen as well as its secondary screen.

These are some of the most compelling features of the LG V20. While the device has some great features and it also uses a powerful chip to ensure smooth performance, the fact that it has launched almost at the same time when Google introduced its latest phone in the market, is going to make a difference in how users look at this new LG device. For a company that has been manufacturing phones for a substantial period of time, LG has brought some pivotal changes to the V20 which makes this phone one of the best that you can get in the smartphone markets at this time.

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