Top Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy S8

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The flagships launched by Samsung, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus were much anticipated by the tech freaks all over. To top it all, when Samsung Galaxy S8 model was launched, it did not fail to impress its fans. It came with a series of exciting features and unique apps that are very handy and practical. Nowadays, the smartphones do not function without some extraordinary built-in apps that could make it a worthwhile experience for the users. In case you have your hands on the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone model, then you must know about some of the best apps for Samsung Galaxy S8 model. Here are some of them:

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7 Top Best Apps For Galaxy S8

Nova Launcher

The mobile giant Samsung has been working greatly to enhance the performance of the UI for some time now. With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone model, Samsung has taken its step towards the same. However, there is still room for great improvements in this sector by Samsung. If you do not like the Samsung UI on the smartphone model of Galaxy S8, then you can achieve the Android-like feel and ease of use with the help of a great app known as Nova Launcher. After the Nova Launcher is able to replace the pre-defined stock launcher on the Galaxy S8 model, then the overall UI by Samsung would appear to be quite similar in looks and function to any other device running on Android.


Nova Launcher offers a plethora of options for customization. Therefore, you can enjoy its functionalities by customizing it the way you would like it. You can personalize the same with the use of the third-party widgets and themes. The feature that makes the Nova Launcher app more interesting is that it supports the gestures with the help of which the users can trigger various actions instantly. The users can also view pre-defined apps with much ease with the help of Nova Launcher.

Download Nova Launcher


This is another great Galaxy S8 app that finds its applications in various ways. While Samsung might be offering its self-keyboard through Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, however, it still fails to match up with the excellent performance offered by the excellent Gboard of Google. The Gboard keyboard by Google supports ease of typing in multiple languages that can be paired excellently with other languages as well. Gboard also offers support to various emojis, themes, and also comes with an inbuilt GIF keyboard that can make it easier for the users to insert exciting GIFs in their text.

The thing that distinguishes Gboard from other keyboards in its competition is the fact that it comes with inbuilt Google Search features. This allows the users in searching for restaurants, hotels, cafes and several more places easily and accurately from the app itself. This information can be easily inserted into the conversation if needed. Gboard also offers emoji search capabilities that let the users search for exciting emojis faster. There is no beating the Gboard by Google in terms of speed and reliability.

Download Gboard

Crystal Adblock

Even through Chrome is bundled in advance on all the Android smartphones, Samsung yet continues to developing and working on its self-set of Internet browser. The Internet browser by Samsung might lack the sync functionality like that of Google Chrome, yet it manages to offer faster and smooth browsing experience to the users. The fact that makes it much better is that it also provides support for enabling content blockers.

There are several content blockers types that are available for the Internet browser of Samsung. However, amongst all of them, Crystal Adblock is the most efficient and useful one. With the help of the effective Crystal Adblock Samsung Galaxy S8 app, the users can achieve proper content blocking. This app blocks the malicious ads and also tracks the cookies that lead to a speedy Internet browsing experience. It also tends to reduce the data usage capability of the smartphone to a greater extent. In addition to this, the Crystal Adblock app in Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone would also block all the doubtful pop-up ads prompting the users to install the malicious apps on the smartphone.

Download Crystal Adblock

App Locker

This is another app in the list of the best apps for Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone model. Samsung comes with a group of special features and functionalities that come with the Grace UX. Still, even with advanced features, Samsung surprisingly lacks a proper app locking and unlocking feature with the help of fingerprint scanner. At the same time, Samsung offers similar features of locking and unlocking apps with the help of Secure Folder and Private Mode. However, these are too advanced features for the simple task of just securing the apps from unauthorized access.

In this, the actual role of a great app for Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone named App Locker creeps in. With the help of the App Locker, the users are given the option to lock all of their apps. The locking can be done with the help of the advanced fingerprint scanner in terms of password, PIN, or pattern lock. In addition to this, App Locker also prevents the unauthorized access to Settings icon also along with install or uninstall apps in addition to other features on the smartphone.

Download App Locker

QuickTile Quick Settings

This latest version of Samsung Galaxy S8 would not be implemented on the fastest version of the Android operating system. However, they are consistently running on the advanced version of Android Nougat OS. Among several unique features, Android Nougat introduces the QuickTile Quick Settings Samsung Galaxy S8 app. This app is a form of API that can be used by the app developers from taking advantage of offering custom features in the panel of Quick Settings.

As the implementation of the Quick Settings on the Samsung smartphone models is a rich feature, it tends to be better than the stock Android. With the help of the QuickTile Quick Setting app, the users are given the freedom to set customized tiles in the Quick Settings. It also includes the addition of new tiles for the launching of a fresh app quickly, taking screenshots, playing music from headphones, preventing the screen towards entering into sleep mode, toggling NFC, addition to quick reminders as well as much more.

Download QuickTile Quick Settings


This is an advanced expense management Samsung Galaxy S8 app that finds its applications in multifold ways. This effective app can help the users in keeping track of their daily, weekly or monthly expenses with respect to grocery, medicine and much more. This innovative app makes use of the most recent OCR (Optical Character Reader) technology. This technology can transform your slips or receipts into the digital form. It can also help the users in maintaining a proper record of the daily expenses.

The IQBoxy app basically scans the receipts and slips of expenses. It is also used for the extraction of data with the use of the OCR techniques. This adds the same to the individual expense book that can be managed without any hassle. The users can also use the IQBoxy app for keeping a daily record of the overall household expenses and can be used for the business purposes as well. IQBoxy serves as a great app that is completely machine dependent and performs all of its operations sans any human intervention.

download IQBoxy

VPN Cloud

If you have struggled with a situation wherein you were not able to open a website that is blocked or YouTube content, then you would realize the value of this great Samsung Galaxy S8 app. With the help of VPN Cloud app, the users can get through various sites and content on the Internet. The best part is that VPN Cloud is totally free of cost and can be downloaded to be used with much ease. With the help of VPN Cloud app, the users can change the proxy on Galaxy S8 smartphones with much ease. Even the interface of this application is too simple and user-friendly. Therefore, it can be considered to be a great Samsung Galaxy S8 app.

Download VPN Cloud

If you have recently bought your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, then you must know about certain Galaxy S8 apps that could simplify your life in an efficient manner. You can go through the list of the best apps for Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone and make use of the same for a great user experience.

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