Top 7 Websites that Offer the Best Free Sound Effects

Are you looking for an appropriate sound effect for your project or entertainment? If so, numerous websites offer royalty-free sound effects you can easily download. When choosing a website to find the best free sound effects, you should be careful about pirated content and all the viruses and malware that come with it!

To make your search for websites with the best sound effects, we have handpicked a list of 7 websites where you can download free sound effects.

Top 7 Websites Offering Best Free Sound Effects For Your Projects

Mixkit – The Best Website to Discover Incredible Sound Effects

Mixkit is a versatile website where you can explore a range of free sound effects. The ever-growing audio library will help you with your next video editing project. The best part about the website is that all the sound clips available here are royalty-free, and you can use them without any signup and attribution.

You can download the sounds you need for both personal and commercial projects. Mixkit allows you to create something extraordinary by downloading their free .wav and .mp3 files.

SoundBible – Website with Extensive Sound Library has a myriad of free sound effects catering to everyone’s needs. Browse their extensive sound library and choose the sounds and sound effects you want.

SoundBible makes it easy for students, teachers, and even artists who require sounds to complete their projects. Every sound on their website can be used commercially, and all sounds are free for private use.

Envato Elements – The Most Versatile Website to Download Free Sound Effects

Envato Elements helps you find the right sound effect you are looking for. This royalty-free directory has more than 80,000 sound effects ready for use. You can enjoy unlimited downloads and endless freedom to create, play, and experiment.

The assets of Envato Elements are bright, beautiful, and innovative, with an easy-to-navigate dashboard. Besides, the content keeps evolving, so the choices are infinite.

Purple Planet – A Perfect Website to Download Free Sound Effects

Purple Planet Music is a comprehensive musical store where you can buy or attribute various sound effects. You can come across multiple genres, from Seasonal to Americana. You will surely find what you are looking for.

The best part about Purple Planet is that there is music for every feeling and emotion. Name any emotion - energy, creepy, dreamy, love, tense, cinematic, or kids; you can find the right sound effect. You can use the pieces for free; all they ask is for you to credit them.

SoundCloud – The No. 1 Platform to Download Free Sound Effects

SoundCloud is the largest audio and music streaming platform, with over 200 million tracks and an international community of nearly 20 million artists from around the globe.

On SoundCloud, you can find music that you cannot find elsewhere –hand-curated playlists, DJ sets, remixes, and freestyles. Their extensive catalog features some of the greatest hits in pop, hip-hop, electronic, rap, rock, classical, jazz, techno, and podcasts.

Partners in Rhyme – Website with A Massive Collection of Popular Free Sound Effects

Partners in Rhyme has the expertise to provide the perfect sound effects required for your project, regardless of whether it is linked to animals, nature, human sounds, or ambient themes.

The website features a diverse selection of popular free sound effects. You can easily access a dedicated collection of royalty-free sound effects in one place. Moreover, you don’t have to log in to download sounds on Partner with Rhyme.

ZapSplat – The Best Sound Effects Website for Personal and Commercial Purposes

ZapSplat is easily one of the fastest-developing online libraries, with over 29,000 free music and sound effects. Every week, the directory is updated with 100 plus sounds, and you can download all of these in original MP3 or WAV format instantly.

ZapSplat uses professional recorders and microphones to record every sound effect. So, you can use these for all purposes, be it personal, commercial, or broadcasting. On ZapSplat, you can also request a personalized sound effect personalized per your requirement.


We hope this ultimate list of websites offering the best free sound effects will help you discover the platform you were looking for. Choose the right website based on your needs to create a distinct video with stunning sound effects and expand your scope of work.

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