Top Tips to Increase Battery Life On Google Nexus 5

Google Nexus 5 was announced in October 2013, and with the 4.95-inch screen, 2GB RAM, 8 MP primary camera and a variety of cool features it quickly became one of the most popular Android devices. This phone is powered with 2300 mAh battery, but most of its users are complaining about the poor battery life. If you have the same device and facing this problem, here are some quick tips to increase battery life on Google Nexus 5.

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Top Quick Tips To Increase The Battery Life On Google Nexus 5

Lower the Screen brightness

Most of the Nexus 5 owners have found that the display is the culprit for battery drain. It’s true not only for Google Nexus 5 but also for most of the smartphones. So, one of the best tips to increase the battery life of Google Nexus 5 is to lower the display brightness. To do that, navigate to Settings > Display and tap the Brightness level to lower it manually. You can also set a shorter sleep time. Go to Settings > Display > Sleep and choose 15 or 30 seconds. 


Turn off Wifi scanning and Wifi

When you are out of range of the Wifi signal that you use, turn the WiFi off on your smartphone. When you are at school or at work, you can turn off the wi-fi and turn it on when you are in the range of the Wi-Fi signal. Why is this important? When the Wi-Fi is enabled, your device will constantly search for an open network which drains the battery. So, when you don’t need Wi-Fi, turn it off.


Turn off Bluetooth and GPS

If you are not traveling to an unknown place or not using Waze or any other GPS app in your car to avoid traffic, turn off the GPS as it eats a lot of battery. The same thing goes for the Bluetooth. No need to turn on Bluetooth unless you are using it.


Use Wallpaper of still image

Live wallpapers are awesome, we can all agree on that, but if you are using the animated wallpaper, it will drain more battery power than a still image will. So if you want to increase the battery performance, set the regular wallpaper. 


Switch the notification light off

Once you do this, you won’t see the light that blinks every time you get a notification. Of course, you will see all the notifications normally at the top of the screen. Go to Settings > Sound & notification and tap on Pulse notification light to turn it on/off.


Turn off vibration

Vibration has a huge impact on the battery, so it is advisable to turn it off if you want to make the battery last longer than it usually does between charges.


Turn off sync for some apps

You can turn off sync for some applications you have on your Nexus 5. Navigate to Settings > Accounts > Google, tap on your account and turn off sync for the apps you want.


Close the apps you are not using 

To close the app you are not using, go to Settings > Apps, tap on the app you want to close and tap Force stop.