Here Are The Top 3 Android Games That You Need Immediately

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In this article we will be sharing our  Top 3 Android Games .This is the craze that we all have. Once we purchase that new Android smart phone with astonishing specs, we want to play all the games in world on it. And that’s really normal, because all of us have that feeling. But what we do wrong, is download every other game that we find on the Google Play Store just to check them out.

We think that these games will help us last through the commute or maybe we won’t get bored when we don’t have access to a computer. So whether you want Subway Surfer that will keep going as long as you are alive, or you want to make a hell lot of money murdering people in GTA, there is always a game for a specific situation that you are in. But not all of the games will give you the best experience.


So I’ve done the grinding work for you, and found the top 3 Android games that you should immediately download after opening the seal of that box.These are our 3 Best Android Games

The Top 3 Android Games

1 Modern Combat 5: BlackOut- Best Android Game

Modern Combat 5: BlackOut– Oh boy, this game just makes me forget that I’m playing it on a smart phone. It gives me the experience of playing a game on a console. There’s everything that you’ll need to excel in this game, and defeat your enemy or maybe everyone that you cross paths with.This is our number 1 best Android Game for 2014

The Top 3 Android Games

You can create your own squad, team up with your friends, and see whose the boss. And if you think that you are a better sniper than an assault player, no worries because you can switch between those modes when you die.


2 Apparatus

Apparatus– This game is much more addicting than Flappy Birds, trust me. Even though it is a creative game, it will ignite that immense creativity in you that will just force you to keep playing this game. Just make sure that you have a lot of free time before you start this game, because if not, then you will lose something while playing this game.


This game is all about creating different types of machines with the help of small parts that are available to you. And if you want to test your intelligence against other people, you will need to outrank every other person in all the fields. It will take some time to get around everything, but once you’ve gone through that, you will be the master.

3 Injustuce: God Among Us

Injustuce: God Among Us– This is one of the best Android games out there. And these are not just the words of me, almost every other person is saying that about this game. And why not? This is the game that is available on consoles, computers, and now even on Android devices. How many game developers do this kind of thing? This is another Great android game

The Top 3 Android Games

Talking about graphics, this game will immerse you into a virtual reality that will give you an experience like no other game. Everything is just perfect, and words cannot explain it. You just have to play to experience the awesomeness of this game.


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