Top 10 best HTC One M8 Apps

HTC One M8 is a recently launched smartphone that is packed with various features. This phone came with excellent design and display. Here are some of the best HTC One M8 apps for you to get started.

Best HTC One M8 Apps


It’s a simple puzzle game which is one of the best HTC One M8 apps to play and spend your off time. The game is easy to play, and definitely, you will have fun playing it. Users who are fond of puzzle games, Threes is a must downloadable app for them. The music and visual of the game app is also excellent.

Vsco Cam

Get the full advantage of your HTC One M8’s in-built camera using Vsco Cam photo editing app. It lets you crop your images and apply various effects such as contrast, sharpness, filters, etc. Then your edited images can be shared on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.


It is one of the best HTC One M8 apps that gives you the facility to make a to-do list. This app sync across all your platforms and you can share the lists as well. You will get this useful app in free.


If you like to read web articles but do not get the time to read them always, then Pocket is the best HTC One M8 apps for you. Using this app you can stick to the articles and read when you have time. The Pocket app works also in the cloud.

Cut the rope

It is one of the best HTC One M8 apps, which is available in free. The game app includes many in-game elements and there is an option for in-app purchases as well.

Acrus Weather

It’s a weather forecasting app that is used to predict weather in a specific location. If you are planning to go out, can check this app to get the exact news about weather and what is going to happen at next hour.

Now for Reddit

Reddit is a great source for web stuff but reading the web version on the phone is really problematic. So enter Reddit now an app that makes the stuff visually appealing.

Android device manager

The android version of Find My iPhone is the Device manager which is Google’s official app, and it helps you to locate your misplaced phone. This app is available in free, and every android user should download the same on their Smart phones.


Dropbox is a popular cloud storage app.It is free to use; you get a sustainable amount of free space. The finest thing about the app is that is sync your camera pictures, files and important documents automatically without the hassle of uploading it. It can be set private or public.


The easiest way to make contact with friends and family members through chats and messages is by using WhatsApp. It is one of the best HTC One M8 apps and definitely a must downloadable app, which is available in free on the Google play store.


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