Tips For Taking Awesome Selfies

Selfies are a thing for years. If you look up for #selfie on Instagram, you will see there is more than 212 million photos. We all love taking selfies every now and then to show ourselves in the best possible light and there is nothing wrong with that. Here are some useful tips for taking awesome selfies.

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Before you take a selfie, consider the background. Interesting background is always a plus, but a simple one like a plain wall is a great option too. Cluttered rooms and bathrooms should be avoided.


Photo bombers

How many times you thought the selfie you just took is perfect until you noticed that photo bomber? A photo bomber does not have to be one of your funny friends, it can be some random person or object. Take a look around to make sure that nothing and no one is standing between you and your awesome selfie.



Good lighting = nice selfie. Natural light is the best, and if you are taking a selfie inside than stand near the window. Light should be in front of you, or on the side and not behind you. Avoid florescent light and the light that’s too strong.


Use back camera

When you use a front facing camera, you’ll see how you look like and that’s a huge advantage. But, the image quality won’t be as impressive, which is why you should use your back camera when possible. This does require a bit more effort, but you can use some really cool apps. If you have an Android phone, you may download Smart Selfie, voice guided app that tracks the position of your head and gives you directions such as “right”, and “left”. Once the camera is in the right position the app will take a photo automatically. If you have an iPhone, you may try Selfie Matic.


Strike a pose

The key is to know what angle works for you, and if you are not sure, just experiment a bit. Take a few selfies, then change your pose and angle, and take few more selfies.


Don’t look directly into the camera

When taking a selfie, turn to the side a little, because if you stare straight into the camera, you may look strange.


Avoid double chin

To avoid double chin: push your shoulders back and extend your neck forward. One more thing – raise your camera a bit, and take selfies from above.


Duckface? NO.

We are talking about awesome selfies here. Enough said.


Be natural

When taking selfies, just relax and be yourself. Forget about forced smiles and funny faces (like the one mentioned above). A real smile selfie is always a winner.


Use filters

The easiest way to improve your selfies and give them that special feel is by using the filters. There are tons of apps that come with all kinds of photo filters, but I prefer Instagram filters and I really can’t say use this one or that one. We all have our favorites.


Have fun

Don’t forget that selfies are about capturing the moments. Have fun, experiment, goof around with your friends– not every photo will be perfect, but all of them will be awesome!

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