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Social media networks nowadays have reached millions of people. That is why media is such a powerful tool. However,

Social media networks nowadays have reached millions of people. That is why media is such a powerful tool. However, it is not that easy. The platforms grew by doing real work, hard work. Users like you and us might be familiar with a lot of apps and platforms and use it daily: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest… and so on. Looping videos have been such entertainment since Vine’s days. Recently, the app TikTok became the new Vine. You might know it by the old name Musical.ly. But they recently changed it, and as some people say that, TikTok has become one of the most popular apps on social media today. But also, a new app has recently been put on the market, the Byte app. These two apps have the same concepts, but what are the differences between them? We will be showing you some of the big and meaningful differences.

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The time allowed per video

One of the most visible differences between TikTok and Byte App is the duration of the video you can post. TikTok is a platform with short music video clips that allows its users to create and share videos that can be 15-60 seconds long. Byte allows you to make a six-second or even a shorter video, which gives us major Vine vibes.

Difference between the features

TikTok gives its users an opportunity to be creative. They gave a big variety of features, effects, filters, songs, special edits, and so on that one can use while creating a video. But the videos on this platform became a kind of identical. You keep seeing on your explore page the same dance moves, the same filters, the same edits, and the same songs used in many videos, which is going to get boring at some point. But on the Byte app, there are no extra features. You are able to create and edit your videos on your own, including the sounds and the filters, which therefore make the posts more original.


Another difference between these two platforms is that Byte will not be showing the count of followers one has, and they will not even show the accounts that one person follows.

The TikTokers who actually have talents, but who are underrated, and they do not have that much of recognition, might transfer their skills to Byte App in the need to make their work and talent blow up. The co-founder, Dom Hofmann, wanted to focus more on the quality of the videos that are shot and uploaded, rather than the popularity of the user itself, which attracts many TikTok users, who have been feeling somewhat left out.


With its big variety, TikTok tends to have a lot of influence all over on social media. In other words, TikTok videos are available all over Instagram and Facebook and on some other bigger apps as well. It has such a large base of users, some are using the platform to promote their work, some others just to dance, lip-sync, and, some prefer to record story-times. The number of followers keeps on getting higher. If you want to get famous, promote your brand, own a website, or have your own business but you think that there is too much competition on TikTok, then Byte App is a perfect platform for you. So, shoot your shot, and watch the numbers go higher. But hurry up before it gets overused and overcrowded.

Those two apps are pretty much identical. Therefore, most people are going to start to wonder if Byte is coming for the TikTok’s crown. They are going to be in a big competition since Byte is going to have more users over time. Overall, these two platforms are very much recommended if you just want to have fun and share your content with others. So, go ahead and download them, they can be found on Android and iOS devices, and are both free, so start having some fun!

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Elizabeth Kartini

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