The Samsung Galaxy S9 Has Wi FI Problems – Here’s the Fix

Galaxy S9 is wrapped with exciting features but it is not bug-free, just like other devices. Here in this article, we have discussed how to fix Samsung Galaxy S9 Wi-Fi issues.

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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 Wi-Fi Issues

Method 1: Restart phone and router

Restart is a simple trick that can resolve several issues at once. If you have not restarted the phone for long, it can give rise to various issues including the Wi-Fi-related one. So, tap the power button for few seconds and it will bring the power off options. Next, choose the power off and restart option. It will restart your phone.

Once you are done with the restart process on your phone, restart the router as well. Sometimes, the router requires a fresh restart to come back to its normal functioning mode. Just turn off the router switch, wait for few seconds and turn it back on. That’s it.

Check now if the Samsung Galaxy S9 Wi-Fi issues are resolved or not. If not, then move to the other solutions.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 Wi-Fi Issues

Method 2: Reset Network settings

The next solution is to reset the Network settings. This process not just resets the Wi-Fi settings rather all other networks such as Bluetooth and mobile network settings also. The process is very simple. Just go to settings > backup and reset > Reset network settings. That’s it.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 Wi-Fi Issues

Method 3: Forget and Re-add the network

Another solution is to forget the troubled network and then add it back. To forget the troubled network you have to go to settings again. So, go to Setting > Wi-Fi > Select the required Wi-Fi name > Select forget.

Now, follow the same process to add the Wi-Fi network. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Add new network > Choose the Wi-Fi network.

Method 4: Clear cache of the device

The next solution is to clear the cache of the smartphone. You can do this by wiping cache partition of the device. Here is how to do that.

  • First turn off your Samsung Galaxy S9 completely
  • Now, press and hold the Power button, Volume up and down buttons together
  • It will bring the Android system recovery mode on the screen
  • Select the option Wipe Cache partition here using the Volume down button and confirm that using the Power button
  • It will take few seconds depending on the amount of cache on the phone
  • Next, select the option ‘reboot system now’.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 Wi-Fi Issues

Method 5: Tweak DNS settings

Sometimes, it is not the Wi-Fi but the internet connection which is bothering you. And all it requires is a small tweak in the DNS settings to get things done. Here is how to do that.

  • Go to Settings > Wi-Fi
  • Now, select the Wi-Fi network for which you are facing the issue. And tap on ‘forget’.
  • Once again tap on the Wi-Fi network name to add it back.
  • Type the password when prompted and then look for the ‘Show advanced option’.
  • Here tap on the IP settings and switch the status to Static.
  • Now, leave the IP settings and come to the DNS server field.
  • Enter the desired DNS address here. Choose from anything either the OpenDNS or Google DNS.
  • Enter ‘Join’ button and you are done.

Method 6: Update the software

Next, we will suggest you go for a software update. The software update can resolve various issues as they carry fixes for many bugs. To check, if any software update is available for your phone, go to Settings > about phone > software update and tap on it.

Method 7: Factory reset                   

The last solution is the factory reset. Ensure to have a backup first as this process will erase everything from your phone. To factory reset the phone, go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Erase all. And finally, confirm by pressing the ‘OK’ button.


So, this is how to fix Samsung Galaxy S9 Wi-Fi issues.

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