The Rumors of Windows 10 Will Able To Run Android Apps Heat Up

Build 2015 will be held on April 29 in San Francisco, where developers who are excited about Microsoft’s new technology will gather to learn more about the Windows 10, Office 2015, Cloud services and Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. It’s been said that Windows 10 will able to run Android apps, as quoted from Windows Central:

“This new report comes from long-time Microsoft journalist Paul Thurrott, who certainly has solid sources inside the company. Microsoft has apparently considered adding Android app support in Windows 10 for some time, but if Thurrott is correct it sounds like the company has decided to pull the trigger on this feature.”

The Rumors of Windows 10 Will Able To Run Android Apps Heat Up

If that is really happened:

  • It can be a solution for Microsoft to boost their market share in mobile segment which has left behind quite far from their rival: iOS and Android. At the moment, Microsoft with Windows 8.1 and Windowsphone 8.1 still cannot make developers passionate to make applications for that platform. this issue cannot be separated from a slightly market share of Windowsphone platform, plus with different UI design of that platform causes developers will need some more time to create their applications for UI windows. It causes many of applications which are popular in iOS and Android platform are absent on Windows app store
  • Microsoft can continue to affect developers to make universal version from that application so that can run in Windows desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. Therefore, Windows Store will be flooded by applications for all devices which run a Windows 10 platform.
  • Microsoft could open their application store that allows developer from the Android platform to submit with a bit modify with Microsoft’s service without changing the main line code that they have built. So, users who are submit to Microsoft services will increase.

Microsoft will have to put some efforts to open their path for developers in terms of minimum modifications and porting easiness, plus Microsoft must give a trust of Windows reinforcement platform in the future. One of their efforts is to make OS Windows 10 can be installed in all android devices as they have done in Xiaomi Mi4.

The Rumors of Windows 10 Will Able To Run Android Apps Heat Up

This strategy is a way for Microsoft to make Windows platform more. If that platform becomes stronger, they can easily make Android applications friendlier for the next Windows platform

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