The List of Roblox Admin Commands

Roblox is one of the most popular online gaming platforms where users can program and create their own games, and can also play the games created by other Roblox users. If you just started using the platform, one of the most essentials things that you should know is Roblox admin commands. There are many commands, and we are going to list some of the most interesting ones.

Once you choose the command you want to try out in the game you have designed, just enter it in the chatbox.

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Roblox Admin Commands

There are more than 200 commands that you can use, and below, you can find a list of some of the most popular ones.

Admin – this command allows the player to use a command script

Unadmin – a player won’t be able to use the script any longer

Smoke – smoke around the player will be created

Unsmoke – the smoke around the player will be disabled

Jump – the player will start jumping

Minihead – the head of the player will become small

Bighead – the head of the player will become small

Normalhead – the head of the player will be in regular size

Control – you will get control over another player

Merge – one player can control another

Jail – the player goes into jail

Unjail – the player is out of jail

Kill – the player will be killed

Loopkill – the player keeps getting killed

Respawn – the player comes back to life

God mode – the player is deadly to everything around and in addition, the player can’t be killed

UnGod mode – player returns to normal

Trip – player starts tripping

Sit – the player will sit down

Zombify – the player becomes a zombie

Ff – the force field is created around the player

Unff – the force field disappears

Freeze – the player freezes

Invisible – the player disappears

Visible – the player is visible again

Fix – this command fixes a broken script

Kick – the player will be kicked out from the game

Explode – the player will explode

Give tools – the player gets tools

Removetools – tools are removed

Sparkles – the player becomes sparkly

Unsparkles – the sparkle disappears


These are some of the best Roblox admin commands, so make sure to try them out!