The Leaked Photos Of New Apple Watch Charging Dock [Update: available now]

The leaked photos of new Apple Watch charging dock, which are made by Apple has been circulated on the Internet. It was uploaded for the first time by iGen.

“According to a reliable source, Apple will market a dock for Apple Watch designed by him. This Apple dock, simply dubbed “Magnetic Charging Dock” is circular and can ask the Apple Watch flat or horizontally (the connector central magnetic can be vertically) so as to use Bedside table mode.”

The Leaked Photos Of New Apple Watch Charging Dock

Then, Grobgebloggt posted these charging dock photos  to give a clearer description and said:

Out came a beautiful, high-quality and also not too cheap Dock. It is plain white and has accompanied a 2m cable Lightning. You can choose whether the clock should be ” flat “, or it is to be docked in Nighstand fashion. It is quite heavy and that underlines the quality feeling in addition.

These charging docks reportedly will be charged € 89, whereas the lightning cable is included inside, but without the AC adapter. These Apple Watch accessories will give a great experience when you are charging the Apple Watch in vertical mode, in which the Apple Watch can be used as the alarm feature as you can find on WatchOS 2. There is no official information yet when these charging docks will be sold at the Apple Store.

Update: Apple Watch Charging Dock are now available for purchase for $79.

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