11 Best Tower Defense Games On Android

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Tower defense games on Android have gained immense popularity over the years. Choosing the best games from the Tower Defense genre can be an overwhelming task. To help you narrow down the list, here are the 11 best Tower Defense games for Android.

While some of these games follow the classic tower defense mechanism and offer striking graphics, others combine tower defense with RPG, war, Sci-Fi, and many more fun themes. That’s how these games have made it to our top 11 list.

So, just scroll down, pick your favorite one(s), and get started!

These are the 11 Best Tower Defense Games On Android

Grow Castle - Most Popular Tower Defense Game


Grow Castle is a unique tower defense that allows you to defend an actual tower from invaders. You’ll be assigned the castles based on your difficulty level in the game. You can also pick from 120 heroes or defenders with specific skills as per your strategy.

Grow Castle features impressive aesthetics and smart controls on your Android smartphone or PC. You can earn gold by defending your assigned castle, which you can use later in the game to hire workers.

Difficulty Level: Medium

Infinitode 2 - Best Minimalist Android Tower Defense Game


One of the best tower defense games with minimalist approaches, Infinitode 2 provides huge maps and a fun environment. The game has made it to our list because of the great upgrades it offers. There are more than 40 levels in which you can defend 14 types of towers from endless enemy waves.

In this tower defense game, you can create maps and share them with fellow gamers. Apart from the Android version, there’s also a PC version available. The simple yet catchy graphics and smooth UI make this one a must-try.

Difficulty Level: Medium

Bloons TD6 - Tower Defense Game with High-end Graphics


The 6th Bloons TD game is one of the highest-rated defense games on Android with high-end graphics, numerous modes, and 33 attractive levels. Its producer, Ninja Kiwi, has also produced seven other TD games but this one tops the list.

In Bloons TD6, you can defend your Monkey Towers with a team of Monkey heroes with specific characteristics. What sets Bloons TD6 apart from other defense games is its 4-player mode where you can co-op with three other players and defend the tower as a team.

Difficulty Level: Medium/ Hard

Plants and Zombies Series - Best Zombie-Themed Tower Defense Game


This series, which includes Plants and Zomslow-paced 2 features an interesting TD mechanism in a thrilling atmosphere. The game lets you obstruct zombies from invading your premise by tactfully placing weaponized plants on their way.

While the first version is quite slow-paced, the second one won’t let you blink even for a second. And you may find the premise quite simple, but as the game advances, it’ll tend to captivate you more. The crisp visuals, well-thought strategy options, and plant and zombie varieties are the main USPs of this TD series.

Difficulty Level: Easy/ Medium

Defense Zone 3 HD - Best Tower Defense Game with Excellent Graphics


Defense Zone 3 is the newest version of the popular series that implies the TD mechanism in the theme of war. The HD game features striking graphics, eight types of turrets, and various battle designs that you’ll surely enjoy.

What makes Defense Zone 3 a unique TD game is flexibility. You can choose between changeable difficulty modes and 20 languages. In addition, the 3rd version has incorporated new visuals and features than the older versions, making the game even more interesting.

Difficulty Level: Easy, Medium, Hard

Defenders 2 - Best Tower Defense Game for Card Game Lovers


Defenders 2 is an exclusive TD game that lets you collect cards and use them to unlock the towers as you play. The mix of TA and card games differs from any conventional defense game. It includes 29 bosses, 40 towers, and 20 spells and PvP.

However, the game includes microtransactions and will ask you to pay as the level advances. Apart from this, the game will inspire you in the basic levels. For every card game lover out there, this TD game would be a suitable choice.

Difficulty Level: Easy/ Medium


Kingdom Rush Series - Best Android Tower Defense Gaming Series


The Kingdom Rush Series combines the classic Tower Defense mechanism with RPGs and lets you defend your kingdom by defeating the invading enemies. The series includes four games named Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush Origins, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, and Kingdom Rush Vengeance.

All the games in the series are equally thrilling. As the game advances, you can level up your 12 heroes and increase their power with better weapons. However, you’ll find minute technical changes such as better graphics in the latest ones.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Mindustry - Best Retro-Themed Tower Defense Android Game


A cross-platform multiplayer tower defense game with a retro theme, Mindustry is unique in every aspect. The game features a Survival mode in which you must protect your conveyor belts from invasion. You can also choose the Campaign mode to cross levels and conquer the Serpulo planet.

Mindustry features team-based PvP contests where you can play against opponents. The graphics and soundtrack of the game perfectly justify the theme. It’s designed with a lot of features that you can access.

Difficulty Level: Easy/ Medium

Clash Royale - Best Tower Defense Game to Play with Friends


A highly-addictive TD game that punches the fun of multiplayer card games with a defense mechanism, Clash Royale is for the Clash of Clans lovers out there. To begin with, you need to pick a deck and defeat the opponents to defeat your clan.

Clash Royale lets you choose between single or multiplayer modes. The best part is that the cards feature the clan troops with their spells and defenses. The game has a competitive aspect that gets reflected in the real-time features.

Difficulty Level: Medium


Arknights - Best RPG Tower Defense Game for Android

One of the top-rated TD games for Android, Arknights blends defense with the RPG genre. The simple goal of the game is to recruit, train and send your team of operators to missions and save the innocent. The game has a narrative mode, which makes it different from other defense games.

Arknights features anime-style characters and overall aesthetics, which is really impressive. The game characters have their own style, skills, features, and powers. You’ll also find new maps and events in the game.

Difficulty Level: Easy/ Medium

2112TD: Tower Defense Survival - Best Sci-Fi Tower Defense Game


If you’re a follower of Sci-Fi games, 2112TD can be a perfect choice. This tower defense onslaught will take you to a futuristic world where you must protect the Earth from the solar system’s inter-dimensional flesh spawn.

The game graphics, background score, and modes are as stunning as the theme. You can use various weaponry to defeat your enemies. There is additional machinery like artillery, plasma turrets, and others that you can unlock by reaching new levels.

 Difficulty Level: Easy/ Medium


Tower Defense games are all about strategic thinking. They have a common goal: to let you defend your clan from endless waves of enemies and ensure security. Now that you know the 11 best tower defense games on Android, go ahead and pick the one that suits your preferences.

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