Teaser Image Of New HTC Vive Developer Kit Headset And Controller

HTC posted the new images of HTC Vive developer kit headset and controller. They plan to exhibit it on CES event in January 2016. Previously, HTC has held the Vive Unbound Developer Forum event in Beijing, which was attended by their CEO, who said that HTC Vive will become a very, very big technological breakthrough.

From the teaser image, we can see that the new Vive headset and controller get refinement than the other device they exhibit on MWC, in March.

Teaser Image Of New HTC Vive Developer Kit Headset And Controller

On the new Vive headset, the front camera has a function to allow the Vive to act as an augmented reality headset by displaying a real-world image onto the headset’s display. Moreover, on the new controller, it has a very smooth look and its head with tiny sensors on it, has been modified. It has a big hexagon-shaped before.

Teaser Image Of New HTC Vive Developer Kit Headset And Controller

They plan to launch HTC Vive in April 2016 and the pre-order will be opened in February. The design is possible to change still, especially in terms of kit headset and controller. The price of this interesting headset  still remains unveiled. So stay tuned to get the update.


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