About Technobezz

Each year more than 60 Million users visit Technobezz to solve a problem or research a product.

Technobezz is a global media platform dedicated to technology. It is the leading authority on price comparisons, informational guides, and independent reviews of the latest products and services. We make technology work for people; by connecting quality content and innovative ideas with the use of cutting-edge technology.

Each year more than 60 Million users visit Technobezz to solve a problem or research a product. With more than 100,000 content and growing, our visitors are certain to find what they are looking for.

The website was founded in 2012 by internet entrepreneur and software engineer Chevaugn Powell

Technobezz is a part of a media conglomerate and publishing company Firm Luxury Media.

Our Editorial Guidelines

Finding the best tech product that will match your needs, desires, and budget can be exhausting. We understand that, and that is why we have a team working 24/7 to provide detailed reviews about the products you need, from smartphones to smart TVs, earbuds, laptops, and kitchen appliances.

Our writers are very passionate and dedicated to their work, and they will always give their best to provide useful information. Finding the product you need and deciding what to buy doesn’t have to be a boring and time-consuming task. You can rely on us!

Our goal

We are giving our best to make your life easier and simpler. We dedicate a lot of time and effort to providing information to help you decide which product would be the best for you and the correct methods for solving a problem.

Our goal is that everyone finds what they are looking for, and that is why we cover a variety of products, problems, and solutions on our website. We do not focus on a specific brand or price range. We can help you find the perfect product that will fit your budget and needs.

Writing an article that contains a lot of valuable information may seem simple. But when the article is written, the story doesn’t end. We are constantly updating the content so that you can always get up-to-date and accurate information. In addition, we understand that tech trends are constantly changing, so we make it our duty to keep an eye on the latest releases. Keep in mind also that some products listed may be out of stock.

We know how annoying it can be when you finally find the product you like and end up seeing that it is not available at the moment. Our team checks product availability daily to ensure all the products listed in the articles are available for purchase.

Management Team

Chevaugn Powell

Founder and CEOChevaugn Powell is a Software Engineer and Internet entrepreneur who founded several Internet companies. Powell is the chairman and CEO of Firm Luxury Media conglomerate, which operates some of the most popular websites on the Internet.

He has over eleven years of experience in software development, maintaining computer systems, troubleshooting errors, and repairing technological equipment (mobile devices, routers, servers)

Bogdana Zujic

Editor-in-Chief / Managing Editor

Bogdana Zujic is the editor-in-chief and managing editor of Technobezz and Firm Luxury Media. She holds a law degree and numerous certifications in mass media communications and information technology.

Her background in information technology allows her to develop, implement, support, and manage computer & mobile device-based information systems, including both software applications and computer hardware. 


Elizabeth Kartini

Executive Editor /Marketing Manager

Elizabeth Kartini has been an Apple product expert for over ten years, worked as an Apple authorized representative, and is a former physics & mathematics teacher. As an Apple Certified Technician, she analyzes and performs repairs related to Apple systems, operating issues, and peripherals.

She installs, configures, and fixes macOS and iOS, interacts with Apple's customers, and guides them on hardware and software queries and issues.